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The Game Theorist's Guide to Raising Happy Kids

Using a game theorist's take on parenthood as a series of negotiations, Kevin Zollman, game theory expert, and Paul Raeburn, blogger, media critic, writer, offer a blueprint. Their book is The Game Theorist's Guide to Parenting: How the Science of Strate


 2016-04-04  17m

Lower East Side News: Special Election + Nursing Home Sale

There are two big stories coming out of the Lower East Side. First, hear about new luxury condos in a building on Rivington Street that mysteriously lost its designation as a non-profit nursing home. And after, a special election will take place on April


 2016-04-04  18m

Taking Stock of Lead Poisoning In NY and NJ

Jenny Ye, producer for WNYC's Data News Team, Sarah Gonzalez, northern New Jersey enterprise reporter for WNYC and NJPR, and Scilla Alecci, investigative reporting fellow at the The Huffington Post, discuss the state of lead testing in the water supplies


 2016-04-01  23m

Trump's Big Announcement

Donald Trump announced some breaking news about major policies in his campaign platform this morning, and he's expected to share more tonight. As news came in, Brian took calls from listeners.


 2016-04-01  14m

Brian Lehrer Weekend: Jane Sanders on the Campaign, Shirley Chisholm’s Presidential Dreams, Talking to Teen Girls About Sexuality

A few of our favorite segments from the week, in case you missed them. Jane Sanders on the Campaign (First) | Shirley Chisholm’s Presidential Dreams (Starts at 44:03) | Talking to Teen Girls About Sexuality (Starts at 1:07:41) If you don't subscribe to t


 2016-04-01  1h1m

Why Busing Failed to Desegregate Our Schools

Matthew Delmont, associate professor of history at Arizona State University and the author of Why Busing Failed: Race, Media, and the National Resistance to School Desegregation (University of California Press, 2016), digs into the history of busing as a


 2016-04-01  18m

$15 Minimum Wage Coming (Gradually) to New York State

Most people would say today is April 1st. But in New York State, it's March 32nd. That's what some people call it in Albany, when the governor and the state legislature almost get a budget passed in time for the April 1st start of the new fiscal year, bu


 2016-04-01  16m

Democrats Become 'New Yorkers' in Latest Rallies

The Democrats have officially brought their campaigns to our backyard! Andrea Bernstein, senior editor for Politics & Policy for WNYC News who was at Hillary Clinton's rally in Harlem, and Brigid Bergin, the City Hall and politics reporter for WNYC w


 2016-04-01  37m

Good Intentions Make Bad Foreign Policy

Michael Mandelbaum, director of American Foreign Policy at The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and the author of Mission Failure: America and the World in the Post-Cold War Era (Oxford University Press, 2016), argued th


 2016-04-01  19m

The Double-Edged Sword of "Curing" His Asperger's

John Elder Robison, author of the memoir Look Me in the Eye and Switched On: A Memoir of Brain Change and Emotional Awakening (Spiegel & Grau, 2016), talks about what changed, for good and for ill, when he participated in a successful neurological st


 2016-03-31  13m