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What Should Your Candidate Do Next?

And then there were three. Sanders supporters, Clinton supporters, and Trump supporters call in to talk about what they'd like to see their candidate do next. If #Bernie2016 loses im voting for #Trump2016 @realDonaldTrump should chose @marcorubio to help


 2016-05-05  38m

A Community Grows in Yonkers

A new pilot program called "Let's Grow Together" brings officers from the Yonkers Police Department together with local foster youth in an effort to build community relationships. Here to talk about how the program is going:  Alan Mucatel, Executive Dire


 2016-05-04  15m

A Counter-Narrative to Bin Laden's Killing

Seymour Hersh, award-winning investigative journalist and the author of The Killing of Osama Bin Laden (Verso, 2016), first reported his version of tracking and killing of Osama bin Laden last year in the London Review of Books. He expands his story that


 2016-05-04  17m

The "Bag Bill" Gets a Vote

The City Council votes Thursday on a bill to require a 5-cent surcharge for "single-use" paper and plastic shopping bags. One of the sponsors of the bill City Councilman Brad Lander said that 5-cent fee is meant to incentivise shoppers to use reusable ba


 2016-05-04  14m

30 Issues: Paid Family Leave Around the World

If you're a new mom in Estonia you can bank on 25 weeks of paid maternity leave. Same in Italy. In the U.K. you can bet on 40 weeks. From Bulgaria? Go ahead take a year. But a US citizen? See you at work tomorrow. Danielle Kurtzleben, a political reporte


 2016-05-04  19m

With Cruz Out, Trump Forges Ahead

That's it for Ted. After losing in Indiana by a wide margin last night, Ted Cruz has officially suspended his campaign. New York Times political correspondent Patrick Healy, Jennifer Rubin, who writes for the "Right Turn" blog for The Washington Post, Ch


 2016-05-04  44m

What Was Your Down-to-the-Wire College Decision?

College-bound high school seniors had to make their final college decisions this past weekend. High school seniors talk about their "close call" decisions about which college to attend in the fall, or whether they've decided to take a gap year. @BrianLeh


 2016-05-03  15m

Measuring True Grit

Angela Duckworth, professor of psychology at UPenn, founder and scientific director of UPenn's Character Lab, and author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance (Scribner, 2016), discusses her claim that success is less about talent, and more abou


 2016-05-03  18m

30 Issues | A (Lack of) History of Paid Family Leave

Out of 185 countries, the United States is one of just three that doesn’t guarantee paid maternity leave. Ruth Milkman, sociology professor at the CUNY Graduate Center, author of Unfinished Business: Paid Family Leave in California and the Future of U.S.


 2016-05-03  22m

When the 1 Percent Leaves Town

When the super-wealthy leave the state, where does their tax revenue end up? In the case of hedge fund manager David Tepper, his move from New Jersey to Florida last month will cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars. Robert Frank, CNBC wealth rep


 2016-05-03  33m