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Brooklyn Bridge Expansion and Transportation Department Updates

The Brooklyn Bridge promenade, which is used by around 10,000 pedestrians and 3,500 cyclists on a typical weekday, could be getting an expansion. "It’s challenging to retrofit bridges," Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner of the New York Department of Transp


 August 9, 2016  13m

President Obama, Race and Public Opinion

"Identity is the thing that all Americans have been thinking about since Obama," said Melanye Price, associate professor of Africana Studies and Political Science at Rutgers University and the author of The Race Whisperer: Barack Obama and the Political


 August 9, 2016  22m

'Reformocons' vs. Trump on Economy

The "Reformocon" movement seeks to cut taxes for working people. If you think that sounds like "liberalism lite," Reihan Salam, National Review executive editor and Slate columnist, says think again. He says it's rewarding people who are aspirational, an


 August 9, 2016  36m

Think Tanks: A Natural Bias to Where the Paycheck Comes From

New York Times correspondent Eric Lipton and Brook Williams, a reporter at the New England Center for Investigative Reporting, discuss their recent findings on the blurry line many think tanks walk between objective research and pleasing their donors.


 August 9, 2016  18m

At The Olympics: U.S. Tops Medal Tally

From Rio de Janeiro, Jason Stallman, sports editor for The New York Times, gives highlights from the Summer Olympics so far. Stallman discussed local athletes competing in the Olympics in Rio; including gymnast Laurie Hernandez, a 16-year-old from Old Br


 August 8, 2016  10m

Rezoning Inwood: An Immodest Proposal

Following a demonstration in Inwood this past weekend, Northern Manhattan City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez discusses a controversial luxury development plan that will face a City Council vote tomorrow. The rezoning would be the first project under Ma


 August 8, 2016  30m

The Courts vs. Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been endemic in American society. At first a private matter, it is now come to light as a social justice issue. John Michael Leventhal, associate justice of the New York State Supreme Court and the author of My Partner, My Enemy: An


 August 8, 2016  23m

Want To Get Rid of Government Bureaucracy? Take a Number

Tom Kean, former governor of New Jersey, and Bill Bradley, former New Jersey Senator, discuss the launching of a national bipartisan campaign called "Who's in Charge Around Here?" which aims to show how restructuring government to become less gridlocked


 August 8, 2016  23m

Trump's Tactic: An Outsider With a Pinch of Establishment

Last week, Representative Tim Huelskamp, an anti-establishment Republican and Tea Party Caucus leader, lost the primary in Kansas. Mr. Huelskamp was a frequent critic of Republic leaders, and earned a reputation for being unable to compromise with more e


 August 8, 2016  24m

Brian Lehrer Weekend: A History of National Debt, Penn Jillette, Internet Lingo

A few of our favorite segments from the week, in case you missed them. A History of National Debt(First) | Penn Jillette on Magic, Diets and Politics (Starts 36:02) | Internet Lingo (Starts 1:03:02) If you don't subscribe to the Brian Lehrer Show on iTun


 August 5, 2016  54m