The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast | Build a Successful Physical Therapy Business Without Relying on Insurance

The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast with Aaron LeBauer. Have you considered starting a cash practice but have doubts or were told it’s a bad idea? Join Aaron LeBauer as he explores how leading cash-based practice owners have achieved success, how leading physical therapists market their practice and what’s possible in a physical therapy cash-based practice. Learn more:

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episode 222: Do you have what it takes to survive the Recession?

Do you have what it survive the Recession?12 steps to recession proof your business:1) Proven offer

2) Solve a BIG problem

3) Marketing on point...



episode 221: $6,000 with 1 email - The PT Email Engine™? Black Friday Special

Today, I’m going to give you an email to send that can make you $1,000 or more. The PT Email Engine™? is a powerful tool, if you only just use it!

But before I go into detail about the Black Friday PT Email Engine™? offer, I want to give you value first. 

I’ll explain the one email you need to send non-patients and the email you need to send previous and existing patients...



episode 220: The #1 Strategy to Freedom as a PT

Here’s the problem: 

You’re doing everything yourself. You’re out of time. You think making more money means working even harder.

The truth is, you just need to work smarter, not harder.

There’s really only 1 strategy I use to create more income and more freedom...



episode 219: Fear of Failure will Drown Your Business

You have to lose your fear of failure. Failure’s part of the process!

People who never fail never try

You have to fail. You’ve got to get it wrong to get it right.

You learn nothing from winning.

You only learn from your failures. 

Today I attempted the Spirit World 100 I’ve been planning this trip and training since January.

We made the time cut (68 miles in 6:30) to do the 100 mile version...



episode 218: 6 Ways to Start a Business as a Physical Therapy Assistant

1) Go back to school and get a massage license

If you like the hands on aspect, this could be exactly what you need!

2) Go back to school and become a PT

I know this is a lot of work, but it could be the right approach for you. If this is what you really want to do, this is perfect for starting your own business...



episode 217: The Business of Movement with Gray Cook | Functional Movement Systems

On today’s episode, I speak with Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS. Gray Cook is a physical therapist, orthopedic certified specialist, and certified strength and conditioning specialist. His developments in movement pattern screening and assessment are at the forefront of fitness, conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation...


 2022-10-28  1h17m

episode 216: Stop Making Excuses

It will never be the right time

Stop making excuses

It will never be the right time

It will never be the right time to quit your job, buy that course, hire your next employee, invest in yourself, go live on facebook/instagram, join a mastermind, raise your rates, ask him to marry you, etc

Things will never be perfect.

Perfection is not the goal...


 2022-10-21  33m

episode 215: The New Rules For Financial Freedom with Tony Stephan

On today’s episode, I speak with Tony Stephan, RD. Look up the word Entrepreneur in the dictionary and it would not be a surprise to see Tony Stephan’s bio. Tony has created several successful business ventures including a multimillion-dollar dietitian certification online platform and a professional mentorship program. But not content to rest on his laurels by simply fulfilling one dream, Tony began investing in another – Real Estate...


 2022-10-14  51m

episode 214: 5 Steps to Scaling your PT Business and taking back your freedom

On today’s episode, I’m going to talk to about scaling your business so you can get back your freedom. 

Freedom is all about time, time to do the things you want! It could be spending more time with your family, training for a big event, even traveling!

Here’s the problem, you built a job. You may be working for yourself, but you’re so busy, you’ve lost the freedom of your time...


 2022-10-07  19m

episode 213: Make More Money with Online Courses

The number one mistake people make is the build the online course before the sell it. This is how you make mistakes! Sell it first so you can give people what they ACTUALLY want.  

Make more offers of your online course

That means as soon as someone opts it to something, give them the next logical step. The more offers you make the more opportunities people will have to purchase from you.   



 2022-09-30  20m