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Bonus Birthday Show Podcast!

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are (belatedly) cordially invited to a big ol’ birthday bash for our leader (and digital radio saviour) Chris Moyles! You may not have been in the O2 Kentish Town Forum this morning but really you should be thanking us, as you didn’t have to witness Dom trying to warm up a live crowd with dairy jokes...


 2017-02-22  1h6m

Episode 70: Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves and Toby’s Bumble.

If you’re a fan of awkward radio based around creepy listeners and desperately lonely presenters, then you’re in the right place! Although for legal reasons, we can’t possibly single out which listener or which presenter (although from listening to this very podcast, we’re sure you could have a good old guess). Elsewhere this week… • Chris and the team question whether Hollywood A-lister DENZEL WASHINGTON is loving or hating his chat with Dom...


 2017-02-17  1h30m

Episode 69 – Ben Shephard, Guy Garvey, and Dave’s Asbestos Mouth

Stand by, everyone! This week’s Chris Moyles Show podcast is HOT HOT HOT! Not in the literal sense (if you are feeling a little hot whilst listening, that’s probably more to do with your central heating), but audibly… as Producer Dave Masterman blew our tiny little minds by eating the hottest chilli on the planet (he even took two bites, the arrogant so-and-so)! And if that wasn’t enough fun and games, here’s what else went down… - The loveliest man in rock n roll, GUY GARVEY popped by...


 2017-02-10  1h30m

Episode 68 - Russell Brand, Marcus Bentley and Korean Billy!

Allow It! Peak Times! Stop dissing my creps, fam! None of this will make any sense, until you hear the biggest and best podcast that The Chris Moyles Show has released in the last seven days…! And here it is… - Russell Brand blessed us with his presence and a whole lotta laughs - Big Brother’s voiceover aficionado Marcus Bentley popped by - PLUS, we’re getting down with the kids and learning some ‘Roadman Dialect!’ The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6.30-10am


 2017-02-03  1h23m

Episode 67 - Ewan McGregor, Boring Boris and Toxic Waste!

Guten Tag! Welcome along to another top notch, jam-packed, action-filled and - let’s be honest – bloody hilarious edition of The Chris Moyles Show podcast! Within this week’s lol-fest… - The always-brilliant Ewan McGregor popped by to chat about T2 (Trainspotting… not Terminator) - Dominic is reunited with a long lost acquaintance, known only as ‘Boring Boris’ - PLUS, the whole team enjoy some very toxic treats! Get stuck in! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6...


 2017-01-27  1h24m

Episode 66 – Jack Whitehall, Dom's Awkward Dates and Pippa's toes!

Welcome along to another rip-roaring episode of The Chris Moyles Show podcast! It may be cold outside, but Chris and the team are here to warm you to the very core, in a completely normal and non-creepy way...


 2017-01-20  1h30m

Episode 65 – The Body Coach, Paul McKenna and Dom’s Week From Hell

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ‘proper’ Chris Moyles Show Podcast of 2017 (although you’ll have heard our dulcet tones on the Ed Sheeran special, which was released earlier in the week, right? RIGHT? Good). Here’s what’s coming up on this week’s Pippa-less podcast… - The Body Coach (AKA Joe Wicks) popped by to charm us into eating healthy food. It worked. - Paul McKenna explains why he’s been leaving phallic images for Chris all over the Radio X office...


 2017-01-13  1h19m

Bonus Podcast! Ed Sheeran on Radio X

Most guests that pass through Radio X’s prestigious doors wouldn’t warrant a ‘breakaway Chris Moyles Show Monday afternoon podcast’. But then again, most guests aren’t the wonderfully talented and extremely likeable ED SHEERAN! So sit back, grab a cuppa, and listen to Chris and Ed have a good old natter about important stuff like his new album, and less important stuff like whether or not Mr Sheeran owes Chris a t-shirt. The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6.30-10am


 2017-01-09  24m

Episode 64 – The ‘absolutely no material’ Podcast Special!

Hello dearest listener. Now, as we love you just as much as you love us (we hope), Chris Moyles et al have recorded a very special podcast that can sit comfortably between Christmas and New Year (or wherever the hell you want it to sit, if you’re listening in the future!). Anyway, without further ado, here’s 13 minutes 11 seconds of what can – at best – be described as a ‘slightly odd’ piece of radio content. Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6.30 – 10am


 2017-01-01  13m

Episode 63 - Santa Calls, Soda Streams and Ralph Little.

Hello you wonderful, festive and all round LOVEABLE lot. So That Is It. Amidst gallons of Whisky, copious but nevertheless delightful Dominic the Donkey renditions and an entourage of Mr Toby Tarrant impressions, Podcast 63 has formed. - Not a fan of Panto Classics, well fortunately for you Ralf Little pops in to discuss his play ‘Dead Funny’ – The clue is definitely in the name. Go Go Go! - The winners of many a Christmas gamesare announced including the infamous Rob DJ quiz...


 2016-12-23  1h30m