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Episode 9 - John Bishop, Richard Hammond, and a lot of rubbish games

Get ready for another week’s worth of frivolous fun to get 'all up in your grill’, as the kids no doubt still say...


 2015-11-20  1h7m

Episode 8 - Pippa's Flute, Sandi Thom and Dom's Birthday

Welcome to another week’s worth of nonsensical fun from The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X! This week… Just hours after a sweary and teary public rant, Chris invites Sandi Thom onto the show to set the record straight. Dom hits the soaking streets of Glasgow to give away more mugs and DAB radios to our adoring(?) public! PLUS, Pippa is shown the best way to deal with a strangers' creepy advances.. Courtesy of Chris and Dom. PRESS PLAY! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6...


 2015-11-13  56m

Episode 7 – Guy Garvey, Bristol Shenanigans and an Angry Mancunian…

How about that? Seven weeks in, and no one’s been fired! Well done everyone. Within this week’s fun-filled edition of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X… The team head to Bristol to give out a bunch of mugs (a lot more fun that it sounds...) Guy Garvey swings by to talk about ear hairs, doppelgängers… oh, and his new solo album. PLUS, Chris converses with a rather irate northern listener, who detests the show and the station… yet weirdly, can’t stop listening...


 2015-11-06  1h3m

Episode 6 – U2, Cock Bloc Party and a 'banana on entry'...

Good morning, afternoon, or evening (depending on when you’re listening, obviously), and welcome to The Chris Moyles Show Podcast! And with Hallowe’en just around the corner, what ghoulish delights are creeping your way this week (WARNING: this is purely a tenuous and rhetorical question to look topical. There is no Hallowe’en based content within said podcast)? Chris chats to Bono and Adam from a new up-and-coming band called U2! Watch out for them. They’re going to be massive...


 2015-10-30  1h5m

Episode 5 – Vin Diesel, The Great Vernon Kay Stitch Up, and Bad Dead James Brown

As we hurtle towards the end of another working week, it’s time for you to once again wrap your lugholes around another edition of The Chris Moyles Show Podcast, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood Radio X! But what audible treats await this time? Dom covers all the BIG topics with the wonderfully lovely VIN DIESEL. Chris and the team channel James Brown, with varying degrees of success… PLUS, Faye Kadel makes a triumphant return to the airwaves...


 2015-10-23  58m

Episode 4 – Steve Coogan, Deadly Hand Dryers and Dom’s Terrific Impressions

One month in to The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X, and no one’s been fired. Hurrah! And to celebrate, here’s another podcast (the longest yet, no less!). Inside, you may just find… The wonderful Steve Coogan talking about tattoos, mid-life crises and skinny jeans. Once more, Dom wows the nation with more unbelievable impressions. PLUS, we learn that Producer Madam Dave (who claims to have achieved a B in GCSE Drama) can’t act for toffee...


 2015-10-16  59m

Episode 3 – The Return of Rob DJ!

Welcome along to the third installation of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X. Within this audible delight… Rob DJ returns, armed with a terrific quiche-themed catchphrase! We discover that Madam Dave Masterman was once in a questionable ‘rap duo’ at the tender age of nine. PLUS, Chris and Dom have a stab at doing live advertisements (that we had to call ‘Bespoke Promotions’ for legal reasons)...


 2015-10-09  48m

Episode 2 - The Difficult Second Podcast

Welcome to podcast number 2 of The Chris Moyles Show on the ALL NEW (although getting older by the day) Radio X! Within this sophomore effort… A lot of chat about cock… but not as you know it. Chris Tarrant plays a groundbreaking game of ‘Fish or Not A Fish’. PLUS, Rob DJ is BACK, and may be getting a bit above his station already. All this, and a little bit more, on your friendly neighbourhood Chris Moyles Show podcast! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X: weekdays 6.30-10am


 2015-10-02  45m


Welcome, one and all, to the inaugural Chris Moyles Show podcast from the all new Radio X! And what a first week it's been... Noel Gallagher, Stereophonics' Kelly Jones, and Patrick Kielty all popped by to welcome Chris to his new home... Dom tries his hand at being a Smooth DJ... Producer 'Madam' Dave surprises us with some 'fascinating' Morrissey impressions. PLUS, bonus content! ACTUAL BONUS CONTENT (of sorts...) Enjoy. The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X; weekdays 6.30-10am


 2015-09-23  47m