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Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely host the industry's leading independent Cloud Computing podcast. Each week they discuss the technology and business changes that are driving Digital Transformation, DevOps, Cloud-Native applications and Hybrid Cloud. Topics include Cloud Computing | Open Source | AWS | Azure | GCP | Serverless | DevOps | Big Data | ML | AI | AppDev | SaaS | PaaS | CaaS | IoT. Guests are industry thought-leaders and founders of companies changing the IT industry.

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How Big is your Public Cloud bill?

SHOW: 400

DESCRIPTION: Aaron and Brian continue the "Four for Four Hundred" shows, with a focus on following the money in cloud computing. Then Brian talks with Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig, Cloud Economist @ Duckbill Group) about th...



Focusing Apps only on Business Value

SHOW: 399

DESCRIPTION: Aaron and Brian kick off "Four for Four Hundred" by discussing the massive evolutions of the industry over the last 8 years. Then Brian talks with Joe Emison (@JoeEmison, Co-Founder/CTO at Branch Insurance...



Simplifying Application Development and Integration

SHOW: 398

DESCRIPTION: Brian talks with Matthew Creager (@matt_creager, Co-Founder & VP Developer Relations @manifoldco) about the challenges of cloud silos, connecting apps to multiple cloud services, the importance of coll...



Advancements in Webscale Logging

Aaron and Brian talk with Renaud Boutet (@boutetren, VP Product Management @datadoghq) about logging, monitoring, observability, and the challenges of balancing the collection of the right data with the costs of all the data.



A VC's Perspective on AI and Security

SHOW: 396

DESCRIPTION: Brian talks with Dr. Steve Herrod (@herrod, Managing Director at General Catalyst @gcvp) about the transition from CTO to VC, the role of AI and Security in today’s startups, the impact the public cloud ha...


 2019-04-25  29m

Understanding Time-Series Database Patterns

Brian talks with Evan Kaplan (@evankaplan, CEO of InfluxData) about why companies choose time-series databases, commons use-cases, how time-series patterns align to changing business goals, and how to translate business demands to developer capabilities.


 2019-04-17  35m

Network Reliability Engineering (NRE / NRE Labs)

SHOW: 394

DESCRIPTION: Brian talks with Matt Oswalt (@mierdin, NRE @JuniperNetworks) and Derick Winkworth (@cloudtoad, Product Marketing Manager @JuniperNetworks) about how networking has adapted to DevOps and SRE, internally ma...


 2019-04-10  42m

Navigating the Engineering Career Paths

Brian talks with Uma Chingunde (@the_umac, Engineering Manager at @Stripe) about engineering career paths as an IC or Manager, how managers can be effective mentors, job rotations, and how diversity is an opportunity for every team.


 2019-03-29  35m

Real-World SRE Perspectives

SHOW: 392

DESCRIPTION: Brian talks with Gustavo Franco (@stratus, Customer Reliability Engineer at Google) about real-world experience as SRE/SRE Manager and CRE Manager, a discussion about how to measure SRE success, as well as...


 2019-03-28  35m

Exploring the SaaS Business Model

SHOW: 391

DESCRIPTION: Brian talks with Aneel Lakhani (@aneel, Go To Market Consultant and Advisor) about the difference between traditional Enterprise software and B2B SaaS offerings, how the sales and marketing models work, an...


 2019-03-20  31m