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We explore the essential aspects of communications, marketing, and writing. Podcast interviews with thought-leaders look at important influences that shape a PR pro’s or marketer’s work and creativity for the better. Show host Sheelagh Caygill uses her experience as a journalist to ask guests probing questions, often revealing little-known tips and insights. Episodes always offer listeners solutions to common problems and actionable tips. Sometimes the topics we explore will have a less direct impact on our immediate goals, but they still matter. Episodes have delved into communicating with influence, enhancing leadership communications, and the connection between emotive content writing and poetry. Our guests, just like our listeners, are global. As much as possible, we go beyond international borders and engage in issues affecting PRs and marketers around the world. We feature trend updates, such as the growing force of artificial intelligence in communications and marketing, working on climate reality campaigns, and dedicated leadership support for reputation management and a powerful brand presence...

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episode 28: How Creatives Can Be Focused and Motivated During Covid-19

If you're any kind of creative professional, this episode is for you. I interview Helen Campbell, a coach for creatives based in Wales.

Helen works with creative professionals across all fields, such as writing, marketing, public relations, film, video, artists and more.

Most of Helen's clients are freelance and she has observed a number of changes or new behaviours in her clients since the pandemic outbreak...


 2020-04-22  16m

episode 27: The Best Tools and Platforms For Remote Working

Some small and medium-sized businesses may struggle to maintain basic business processes during the pandemic.

If employees have never worked remotely before, a business won't have given any consideration to setting up platforms for file management, business processes, customer service, payroll, or even email. This situation can seriously impair a business and place its future in jeopardy...


 2020-04-16  26m

episode 26: Key Considerations for Social Media Messaging During Covid-19

There's a switch happening here at the Communicate Influence podcast.

For the next few weeks we're producing some super short episodes designed to give immediate support  communicators, marketers, and writers so they can better manage their work and time during Covid-19. Times are tough, so we hope these episodes will help.

The first episode interview with Lachlan Kirkwood, a digital marketing strategist based in Brisbane, Australia...


 2020-04-07  11m

episode 25: How To Have Deeper Conversations With Your Guests

Podcast interviewing can be tricky, especially if you're new to it and haven't had any journalism training or interviewing experience.

If you want deeper interviews with your podcast guests, join me, host Sheelagh Caygill, as I talk expert podcast host Ronsley Vaz. Ronsley has conducted more than 900 interviews and says he gets better with each one...


 2020-04-01  35m

episode 24: Self-Care and Communicating With Yourself During Covid-19

Self-care during Covid-19

There's no doubt that we're living in times stranger than strange. Self-care is more important than ever. 

So in this week's podcast episode we veer away from a focus on communications and marketing, and present an episode on self-care and connecting within...


 2020-03-25  46m

episode 23: Setting Up Remote Working During Covid-19

The last seven days have seen rapid change around the world, as governments, businesses, and organizations reacted to contain the spread of Covid-19.

In this episode, host Sheelagh Caygill talks to Ben Baker, an internal communications and brand consultant based in Vancouver, Canada.

Ben points out that simply telling employees to work from home isn't enough...


 2020-03-17  22m

episode 22: Tackling Some of The Big Issues In Public Relations

This week's episode of The Communicate Influence Podcast explores some of the of the pressing questions in public relations today.

We connect with one of the UK's leading PR practitioner's, Sarah Waddington. Sarah is founder of Astute.Work, a management and PR consultancy in Newcastle, England. She is also past-president of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)...


 2020-03-12  36m

episode 21: Artificial Intelligence - A Benefit or a Threat to Public Relations?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the work of public relations practitioners and marketing pros in many ways - and that impact is set to increase. But only for those people who embrace the technology. 

People who are at the forefront of using AI proficiently will have a strong advantage. They are the ones who can differentiate between AI and automation, and understand how AI can benefit communications and marketing...


 2020-03-05  28m

episode 20: Marc Guberti on Setting Up or Improving Your Podcast

Starting a podcast, with guest Marc Guberti

Starting a podcast isn't difficult, but it does take some preparation. Marc Guberti shares his knowledge with listeners. He hosts three podcast shows and has been a guest on plenty, so he has lots of experience!

The episode follows on from last week's conversation with Marc about ageism young people face, as well as his work ethic and tremendous drive...


 2020-02-27  23m

episode 19: Marc Guberti on Age Discrimination and Work Ethics

Marc Guberti is in his early 20s, but this young entrepreneur is already a business consultant and the author of more than two dozen books on publishing, marketing, and investing.

Marc began writing at the age of 11, when, as a New Yorker, he created a Boxton Red Sox blog, and the momentum he established then has only progressed. But it hasn't all been a piece of cake. He's encountered ageism, with people questioning his knowledge and experience...


 2020-02-20  30m