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We explore the essential aspects of communications, marketing, and writing. Podcast interviews with thought-leaders look at important influences that shape a PR pro’s or marketer’s work and creativity for the better. Show host Sheelagh Caygill uses her experience as a journalist to ask guests probing questions, often revealing little-known tips and insights. Episodes always offer listeners solutions to common problems and actionable tips. Sometimes the topics we explore will have a less direct impact on our immediate goals, but they still matter. Episodes have delved into communicating with influence, enhancing leadership communications, and the connection between emotive content writing and poetry. Our guests, just like our listeners, are global. As much as possible, we go beyond international borders and engage in issues affecting PRs and marketers around the world. We feature trend updates, such as the growing force of artificial intelligence in communications and marketing, working on climate reality campaigns, and dedicated leadership support for reputation management and a powerful brand presence...

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episode 18: Listeners Recommended Podcasts

Hi! This is a special edition of The Communicate Influence Podcast! We have new show music from Herne Ford-Elliott, who's based in the U.K. But what makes it really special is the wide range of recommended podcasts from fans and listeners. Check them out! And get in touch if you'd like to be a part of another recommend episode in the summer!

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 2020-02-09  19m

episode 17: On Writing With Josh Steimle

This episode is one for writers! We connect with Josh Steimle, a writer, author, a TEDx speaker, and the founder of a digital marketing agency. Read his full bio below.

⭐️ Josh is giving listeners an opportunity to take his 60 Days To LinkedIn Mastery Success course at a 50 percent discount...


 2020-01-30  1h7m

episode 16: How to Set Up a Successful Brand Ambassador Program

The secrets behind brand ambassadorship

This week's episode of The Communicate Influence Podcast focuses on Peter Barron, a journalist and author based in the North of England. Pete was Editor of The Northern Echo, a regional newspaper with an impressive history, for 17 years. He then set up his own media relations firm four years ago.

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 2020-01-22  1h3m

episode 15: How to Become An Influential Communicator

In this age of influencers many in communications and marketing aspire to be just that. But few connect becoming a successful influencer with reputation management. And this is the case not just for individuals working in communications and marketing, but in all careers and all areas of life.

In this episode of The Communicate Influence Podcast, reputation management expert Fiona Fenwick discusses exactly what it takes to become an influential player at the table...


 2020-01-16  40m

episode 14: Managing Your Reputation - Your Most Important Asset

Managing your reputation isn't a message that only career starters should hear. It's something we all need repeating to us throughout our lives, says reputation management expert Fiona Fenwick. She has worked with hundreds of individuals, brands, and organizations and says she's always surprised at the lack of attention most people pay to their reputation...


 2020-01-09  40m

episode 13: James Cridland - Podcast Thought Leader And Radio Futureologist

Episode 13 of The Communicate Influence Podcast sees host Sheelagh Caygill and guest James Cridland continue their conversation about podcasting. (Listen to episode 12 on podcasting trends for 2020). This time, we look at James' work, his newsletter, the rise of podcasting and its fast growth, and the investment in podcasting content.

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 2019-12-31  30m

episode 12: Podcast Predictions for 2020 With James Cridland

Our guest for this episode is James Cridland, who lots of podcasters will know. James and I discuss podcast trends in 2020. James is a podcast industry thought leader, and a podcast and radio strategist. James possess a phenomenal amount of information about the industry, both from a technical and trends standpoint.

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 2019-12-23  21m

episode 11: Making Remote Managing Work and How to Hire the Best Writers

In episode 10 of the Communicate Influence podcast we talked to Gaetano DiNardi about his fascinating journey as a marketer, from the accidental discovery of the keys SEO, through tough grind of agency work, all the way to Director of Demand Generation with Nextiva, a business VoIP phone system & customer management software company based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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 2019-12-18  39m

episode 10: From Accidental SEO Pro to Director Demand Generation

For a podcast host, there is nothing more exciting and fulfilling that interviewing someone who is accomplished and truly engaging. My interview with marketer Gaetano DiNardi was just that. He is Director of Demand Generation for Nextiva, a business VoIP phone system & customer management software company based in Phoenix, Arizona.

In this episode, Gaetano explains how he studied marketing, but left college feeling lost, not knowing what to do...


 2019-12-12  45m

episode 9: Preparing Junior Staff to Lead Meetings and Pitches

Linda Andross is a managing partner of one of Toronto's top PR and digital agencies, APEX PR. She's worked with a lot of junior staff over the years, mentoring them and encouraging them in their work and career development.

Linda knows that it's a big step for junior staff member to lead even an internal meeting. But jumping into the role of being wing-man on a client pitch, or even leading that meeting, is a whole new level...


 2019-12-06  29m