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We explore the essential aspects of communications, marketing, and writing. Podcast interviews with thought-leaders look at important influences that shape a PR pro’s or marketer’s work and creativity for the better. Show host Sheelagh Caygill uses her experience as a journalist to ask guests probing questions, often revealing little-known tips and insights. Episodes always offer listeners solutions to common problems and actionable tips. Sometimes the topics we explore will have a less direct impact on our immediate goals, but they still matter. Episodes have delved into communicating with influence, enhancing leadership communications, and the connection between emotive content writing and poetry. Our guests, just like our listeners, are global. As much as possible, we go beyond international borders and engage in issues affecting PRs and marketers around the world. We feature trend updates, such as the growing force of artificial intelligence in communications and marketing, working on climate reality campaigns, and dedicated leadership support for reputation management and a powerful brand presence...

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episode 8: How to Maintain Focus in Client Meetings

Do you want to know how PR and marketing agencies achieve success? A lot of it is in the preparation ahead of internal and client meetings. In this episode, Linda Andross, managing partner of the successful Toronto PR agency APEX Public Relations, shares her meticulous approach to meetings...


 2019-12-03  29m

episode 7: A Reputation Pro on Prince Andrew's Newsnight Interview

Prince Andrew and the Epstein scandal

The damage Prince Andrew has inflicted on his own reputation with his Newsnight interview is a story that will play out for some time. Reputation management expert Fiona Fenwick discusses the fall-out from the prince's interview with journalist Emily Maitlis, and what could have been done to produce very different results...


 2019-11-29  14m

episode 6: Why You Need To Podcast And Honing Your Podcasting Skills

Focus on content and quality to become a better podcaster

Award-winning podcaster and author Amanda Cupido believes almost everyone can podcast! And she thinks that everyone who wants to should get into podcasting.

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 2019-11-20  42m

episode 5: Communicating Climate Reality to Employees

Sharing the climate change message with employees

James Murphy is a Climate Reality Leader who studied under Al Gore in 2019. Based in London, England, James now delivers the climate reality message to businesses and organizations that are committed to sustainability or implementing sustainability programs. He meets with communicators, marketers, sustainability teams, or risk management teams to discuss ideas, messaging, channels, follow-up, and evaluation...


 2019-11-14  41m

episode 4: How to Engage For Stronger Social Media Traction

The simple way to success with social media

Host Sheelagh Caygill and guest Kim Scaravelli, a digital media strategist, connected on Twitter by chatting and sharing knowledge. Three or four months later they created this podcast and have a good, professional relationship! That's the positive power of social media! Kim, owner of Trust Communications, works with businesses to develop a presence on social media...


 2019-10-25  38m

episode 3: Satya Das - Writing Us and Seeking a New Kind of Politics

Satya Das, Edmonton writer, on his new book Us

Satya Das is a writer, journalist, and strategist living in Edmonton, Canada. He is a frequent commentator and public speaker in both French and English, in media and on stage. Satya’s volunteer work is deeply informed with a lifelong commitment to human rights as a way of life, and the principles of human dignity espoused by Mahatma Gandhi...


 2019-10-17  42m

episode 2: Why Strong Communications Skills are Integral to Leadership

On communications and leadership

Damian McAlonan CEO of The Boost Partnership in London, UK, talks to host Sheelagh Caygill about the importance of leaders being outstanding communicators, and how poor communication can impact all aspects of an organization, including employee engagement, customer relations, performance, and profitability. 

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 2019-10-07  24m

episode 1: Alice Major - Why Poetry Makes You a Better Copywriter

Alice Major is an award-winning poet and essayist in Edmonton, Canada. 

In this episode she explores how reading poetry can make you a better writer, whether you’re a copywriter, content writer, essayist, or journalist. Alice has published eleven collections of poetry, two novels for young adults, and a collection of essays about poetry and science.

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 2019-10-07  19m

Intro - The Communicate Influence Podcast

Welcome to the communicate influence podcast! I’m your host Sheelagh Caygill, and I’m a journalist, writer, and comms professional based in Toronto, Canada. Why a new communications, marketing, and writing podcast? Well, I’ve been writing and blogging for years now. And my current side-project,, is a fantastic resource of question and answer interviews with industry leaders and creative thinkers...


 2019-10-07  2m