The Complete Guide to Everything

A weekly podcast for knowledge about anything and everything. From North Korea to Nicolas Cage, Tim and Tom leave no stone unturned in their humble quest to make the world a more informed place. Put away the encyclopedia four-eyes because this may just be the last resource you'll ever need. Wikipedia, consider yourselves on warning.

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In these troubled times, sleeping can be hard. This week, we discuss all the ways you can shut your brain off for ten seconds so you can fall asleep and we also solve a problem from a lady whose housemate wants to steal her room. But first, some breaking



Cats (2019)

This week Tom goes to see Cats: The Movie and it breaks his brain for good.



The State of Star Wars

Star Wars was a weird space movie from the late 70s that captured our hearts so hard that they're still cranking out new stuff decades later. This week we discuss some of that new stuff, namely the movie Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker, the



New Year's Eve

Happy New Year! This week we’re talking about the night that everyone’s been waiting for: New Year’s Eve! Mostly we just talk about the various disastrous New Year’s Eves Tim and Tom have both had over their lives. It’s a lot of fun.




This holiday season take some time off, relax, gather your loved ones, and listen to two grown men discuss cookies for an hour.


 2019-12-22  1h4m

Hard to Find Holiday Toys

Here’s one holiday gift that’s not hard to find: a new episode of our show! This week we’re talking about Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmo, Furby, Teddy Ruxpin and all the other hard to find holiday toys over the past 30 years. Also some late breaking


 2019-12-16  1h9m

The Best Movies of the 2010s

It's the end of the decade, so it's time for two guys who love watchin' flicks weigh in on which movies captured our hearts over the last 10 years. Noted flicksmen Tim and Tom go through their top 10 movies of the decade (well, Tom only has a top 9 list


 2019-12-08  1h23m

Papa John

In this special episode of TCGTE, we order a Papa John’s pizza and eat it (off-mic at Tim’s insistence) to see if the quality really has dropped as much as noted racist Papa John claims. Also Tim is menaced by a squirrel and we solve a problem about snoo


 2019-12-02  1h12m


The House of Mouse has entered the Streaming Wars! This week we're talking about Disney+, which includes the Mandalorian, Marvel, all the films that have been released from the Disney Vault and even the boring stuff like National Geographic. Thanks to ou


 2019-11-24  1h9m

Role Playing Games

Some say we all have a role to play in this life, others say I’d rather be playing role playing games! Well we’re with the latter this week as we discuss role playing games. Also Tim gets an important and potentially life changing text message during the


 2019-11-18  1h11m