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A weekly podcast for knowledge about anything and everything. From North Korea to Nicolas Cage, Tim and Tom leave no stone unturned in their humble quest to make the world a more informed place. Put away the encyclopedia four-eyes because this may just be the last resource you'll ever need. Wikipedia, consider yourselves on warning.

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Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t possibly get any worse, the world suffers another massive blow. Gone too soon: The Mighty Segway. 2001 - 2020. This week we discuss the gadget that Tom has never actually ridden as he tries to convince Tim to go 50/50



Air Fryers

Science has done it again! They've finally figured out how to fry food without using oil, and what do they use instead? Air! Of all things. Wild stuff. There's one catch: these air fryers don't actually fry things. But they are a good way to quickly cook




We’re here to answer your burning questions about waterbeds. Are they just for creeps or do normals have them? How much do they weigh? Can you get seasick on them? Can you fill them with something other than water? We don’t shy away from any of these que



Cryotherapy (Live in Chicago)

Black Lives Matter. Here are some ways you can help: --- Tim and Tom go and get frozen in a cryogenics lab, except instead of waking up in the far future they emerge 3 minutes later feeling like they nearly died. Also




We overcome tremendous technical difficulties to bring to you and episode you probably don’t want: HBO Max. Come hear all of our thoughts about the newest streaming service that Tim and Tom share using Tom’s mom’s cable login. Also be sure to check out t


 2020-06-01  1h9m

The Prom

Are you a teen that's bummed that you can't have your prom this year? Don't be! We'll explain why proms stink and share our own personal stories to prove it. Also, in this episode we talk a lot about waterbeds and hot tubs: two very cool things.


 2020-05-25  1h4m

Video Conferencing Etiquette

The future is here and it’s called “video conferencing.” While it may seem like a sci-fi fantasy, the technology to speak face-to-face across a “video screen” has actually been a reality for years now. But the rules of normal polite society are often thr


 2020-05-18  1h6m

80s Candy

The 1980s were a seminal decade for delicious candy that was also pretty disgusting. It was also a pretty good decade for kids being just unsupervised enough to buy and eat whatever candy they wanted without their parents or guardians really caring.


 2020-05-11  1h7m

Cutting Your Own Hair

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This week we talk about how to cut your own hair, from using the ol’ scissors to fancy new fangled gadgets like the Flowbee. Also Tom talks about his new ice cream machine.


 2020-05-03  1h7m


Love it or hate it, it's time to face facts -- we all gotta sleep! Every day, if possible. This week we're discussing all the things that happen when we turn out the lights and go unconscious for several hours each night. Also, Tom explains a harrowing b


 2020-04-27  1h2m