The Complete Guide to Everything

A weekly podcast for knowledge about anything and everything. From North Korea to Nicolas Cage, Tim and Tom leave no stone unturned in their humble quest to make the world a more informed place. Put away the encyclopedia four-eyes because this may just be the last resource you'll ever need. Wikipedia, consider yourselves on warning.

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Love it or hate it, it's time to face facts -- we all gotta sleep! Every day, if possible. This week we're discussing all the things that happen when we turn out the lights and go unconscious for several hours each night. Also, Tom explains a harrowing b


 2020-04-27  1h2m

Moon Conspiracies

Did we ever really land on the moon? Is the moon made out of green cheese? Does the moon even exist in the first place? Or is it a hologram or a hollow spaceship? All of these are perfectly valid ideas that we explore this week. Also, a discussion of how


 2020-04-20  1h4m


In an episode that's roughly 6-8 quibis long, we talk about the brand new streaming service that you have to watch on your phone. Enjoy this longbite in which we discuss the merits of a service that makes you pay for a bunch of short shows


 2020-04-13  1h6m

Tim and Tom Solve Your Problems Despite Everything Else Going On

We’re taking our mind off our own problems by solving some other people’s problems this week. From co-workers covering the smell of poop with perfume to roommates not washing their hands we pretty much cover every type of problem there is currently facin


 2020-04-06  1h6m

Animal Crossing

Join Timmy and Tommy as we guide you through the hottest Nintendo game of the moment, Animal Crossing. It takes us a while to get to the point, but just go with it and you'll hear a funny story about Tom being the star of a drugs competition along the wa


 2020-03-30  1h5m


We try to keep it light considering the circumstances, but this week we’re talking all about the newest fad that’s sweeping the globe: staying inside all the time. On this special remote edition we offer up our best tips as to how to keep from going stir


 2020-03-23  1h11m

Key West (Part Two)

This week we bring you just what everyone needs right now: a guy recounting more of his recent vacation. That's right, Tom went to Key West and all his exciting tales couldn't be contained in just one hour. So sit back and enjoy hearing more about what K


 2020-03-15  1h6m

Key West (Part One)

This week Tom goes on vacation and you the listener gets to come along! Actually he went on vacation last week, but he’s back to tell you all about his week of fun in the sun in Key West, Florida. Mostly it’s about going on a ghost hunting tour. Okay, it


 2020-03-09  1h8m

Morning Routines

Mornings. Literally everybody hates them, but they come every single g.d. day and there's nothing we can do about it. This week we share the morning routines we follow to try to make that time of day less terrible and talk about what successful people re


 2020-03-02  1h1m


Milk, milk, milk, it's all anyone can talk about anymore. But between cow's milk, almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, oat milk, and more how can you choose? I'll tell you how, by listening to this episode entitled simply "Milk." Also a frank and honestly o


 2020-02-24  1h7m