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A weekly podcast for knowledge about anything and everything. From North Korea to Nicolas Cage, Tim and Tom leave no stone unturned in their humble quest to make the world a more informed place. Put away the encyclopedia four-eyes because this may just be the last resource you'll ever need. Wikipedia, consider yourselves on warning.

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Game Boy

Believe it or not, if you wanted to play video games before 1989 you had to do it while sitting at home like some kind of chump. That all changed with Nintendo's Game Boy, which appealed to little kids and traveling businessmen alike. On its 30th birthda


 2019-04-29  1h3m


Brother can you share… a ride? This week we’re talking all about Lyft, Uber and all the other companies that offer ways to share rides in exchange for money. We’ll tell you how to use these services while only feeling mildly guilty and without being a je


 2019-04-22  1h11m


Mayonnaise, nature's wettest condiment, can be a pretty divisive topic.


 2019-04-15  1h13m

 2019-04-08  1h8m


Everyone wants to write a book, but nobody knows how! Well, some people do and one of them happens to be Tom, one of the hosts of this very podcast. In this episode, we talk about the writing process, give some tips & tricks, and somehow wind up in a


 2019-03-31  1h3m

Smartphone Etiquette

Hey! Get off your damn phone! It’s rude! Oh, you’re using it to listen to this podcast? Ahhh, that’s fine then. Actually, pop out those headphones, let’s all take a listen! In this brave new world there are new rules about etiquette and we’re here to tea


 2019-03-25  1h7m


Have you heard about the hot new craze? Grown-ups riding scooters! The next billion-dollar tech industry tomfoolery involves motorized city scooters and we had some first-hand experience with them. Also, we talk about dental veneers and solve a problem a


 2019-03-18  1h8m

 2019-03-11  1h16m


Look, we're not drugs people but this week we're talking about something drugs-adjacent, so be cool. CBD, which is derived from dirty filthy drugs, is legal in the US and has somehow become the hottest new trend. Since we're essentially investigative jou


 2019-03-03  1h7m

 2019-02-25  1h8m