The Create Unknown

The Create Unknown interviews the most successful online creators to reveal how they got started and how they keep going. iDubbbz. Vsauce. Casey Neistat. iJustine. PsychicPebbles. We talk to the YouTubers, artists, and streamers who exemplify our mantra of “Make Something. Mean Something.” Part high-level analysis, part hopelessly stupid, Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor from Vsauce2 dissect the complex business, the unpredictable drama, and the uncertain future of creating online. We’ll see you in The Create Unknown, Space Cowboys. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:

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episode 58: Kris Wilson Talks Cyanide and Happiness [Ep. 58]

Cyanide. Happiness. Mormonism. Obscene stick figures. Kris Wilson details how he's grown a massive brand from very simple comics. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:



episode 57: Doplex: The YouTuber's YouTuber [Ep. 57]

Naked Man. Mario raps. 1990's employee training videos and vintage sex education programs. Doplex really is the YouTuber's YouTuber. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:



episode 56: Slush & Glink Gush About OnlyFans, Censorship, and Content Theft [Ep. 56]

OnlyFans. Content theft. VidCon weirdness. Online daddies and mommies. Smash Bros. community problems. This one's SPICY. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:



episode 55: iDubbbz Talks Leafy's Ban and the Evolution of His Content [Ep. 55]

Is Content Cop dead? What's the next documentary about? And what's the future of boundary-pushing YouTube content? Uncle iDubbbz knows. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:



episode 54: Weest Talks Gaming, Apologies, and Coom Caves [Ep. 54]

It's gamer time with Weest, which apparently includes stuffing hot dogs in your mouth and the forensic analysis of Coom Caves. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:


 2020-08-27  1h45m

episode 53: Michael Cusack Talks YOLO, Rick & Morty and Smiling Friends [Ep. 53]

Animator Michael Cusack reveals details behind Adult Swim's YOLO: Crystal Fantasy, Rick & Morty's Bushworld Adventures, and Smiling Friends. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:


 2020-08-20  2h11m

episode 52: Chris Ray Gun: Quitting Political YouTube and Going Gamer [Ep. 52]

Is Chris Ray Gun a video game YouTuber, political commentator, comedian, or podcaster? Yes. The answer is YES.


 2020-07-28  1h47m

episode 51: Carson Talks Relationships, Stans and 8-Ball [Ep. 51]

Carson returns to The Create Unknown to talk relationship problems, the scourge of Stans, 8-Ball dominance, and... his bizarre fursona.


 2020-07-18  1h20m

episode 50: Jenna Marbles and the Future of Cancel Culture [Ep. 50]

Jenna Marbles has cancelled herself, and it's forced us to talk about some big questions regarding social media punishment and forgiveness.


 2020-07-10  1h14m

episode 49: YouTube and Twitter's DMCA Extortion Epidemic [Ep. 49]

Extortion. Doxxing. Vendettas. YouTube's DMCA takedown epidemic has real consequences for creators -- and anyone can be a victim.


 2020-06-09  1h33m