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Information, inspiration and interviews on writing, self-publishing, book marketing and making a living with your writing. If you need help with writing your book, or you want to learn how to navigate the new world of publishing and book marketing, then join Joanna Penn and her guests every Monday. Also covers the business of being a writer and how to make money with your books.

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How To Write Memoir With Marion Roach Smith

“Write something universal as illustrated by a deeply personal tale.” This advice is true regardless of the genre we write, and in this interview, Marion Roach Smith explains how we can dig deep into our truth and experience to write memoir,



Building A Creative Business For The Long Term With Natalie Sisson

Writing is a life-long practice, and for many of us, a long-term career. But how can you continue to thrive in a creative business while still changing over time? In this interview, I talk to entrepreneur Natalie Sisson about how she pivoted her brand ...



How To Develop Bestselling Story Ideas With JD Barker

Do you aspire to write better stories? Do you have the ambition to aim for a career that rivals the biggest names in publishing? Today's interview with JD Barker will inspire you and give you some great tips around writing bestselling stories and build...



Writing Tips: How To Self-Edit Your Novel With Kris Spisak

Writing a first draft is only the initial step in the journey to creating a novel. The next step is editing, and in this interview, Kris Spisak talks about the different kinds of editing, as well as tips for your self-editing process. Plus,



Creativity, Artificial Intelligence, And Time Off With Max Frenzel

As writers, we use tools every day — from the laptop we write on, to the internet we research with, and the social media sites we use to reach readers. We are used to using digital tools to enhance our author life,


 2020-06-08  1h6m

How To Take Your Author Career To The Next Level With Mark Dawson

Are you ready to take your author career to the next level? In this wide-ranging interview, Mark Dawson gives tips on how to level up your books, your email list, and your advertising. In the intro, good news on book sales from New Zealand post-lockdow...


 2020-06-01  58m

Writing Tips: How Character Flaws Shape Story With Will Storr

How can you create characters with unique and interesting flaws that lead into plots that will enliven your stories? In today's interview, Will Storr explains the science of storytelling. In the intro, German booksellers and the challenges of re-openin...


 2020-05-25  58m

The 7-Figure One Person Creative Business With Elaine Pofeldt

What if you could do work you love, earn great money — and have a lifestyle you enjoy? In this interview, Elaine Pofeldt talks about businesses that are doing just that and gives tips on how to get there, including ways to make more money as an author....


 2020-05-18  1h1m

Great Stories Don’t Write Themselves: How To Develop Strong Fiction Ideas With Larry Brooks

We all want to write the best book we can — but how can we make sure the story is strong enough to make it worthwhile writing in the first place? In this interview, Larry Brooks gives 4 criteria for a great story and 8 steps for your novel premise.


 2020-05-11  1h5m

Writing And Selling Short Fiction With Matty Dalrymple

Writing short fiction can be useful for licensing and self-publishing income, or using them to grow your list and connect with readers. There are many more opportunities for shorts in the digital world and in today's interview,


 2020-05-04  1h10m