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Information, inspiration and interviews on writing, self-publishing, book marketing and making a living with your writing. If you need help with writing your book, or you want to learn how to navigate the new world of publishing and book marketing, then join Joanna Penn and her guests every Monday. Also covers the business of being a writer and how to make money with your books.

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Content For Everyone: Accessibility For Authors With Jeff Adams

Writers and readers are a diverse bunch, and we all want to do our best to make sure our content is accessible to all. But how do we do that when it seems like a huge (and time-consuming) challenge for an individual creator?



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 2023-02-27  1h4m

The Tsunami Of Crap, Misinformation, And Responsible Use Of AI With Tim Boucher

After many years of people saying, “AI can never be creative, AI could never write fiction (i.e. make things up), it's now evident that the generative AI tools make a lot up — and we need to be aware of the potential ramifications.


 2023-02-24  1h10m

Co-Writing In A Shared Universe And Changing Indie Business Models With Martha Carr

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 2023-02-20  56m

Book Marketing Mindset, Ideas, And Ambition With Honoree Corder

How can you embrace book marketing as a creative part of your author business? How can you effectively market your backlist over time? How can you tap into ambition and drive your author business onward and upward?


 2023-02-13  1h3m

Writing Choctaw Characters And Diversity In Fiction With Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

Who are the Choctaw people and how can authors write authentic Native Americans in their books? How can we research diverse characters and include a diverse cast without worrying about cancel culture? Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer talks about how her Choctaw ...


 2023-02-06  50m