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episode 331: International effort dismantles LockBit. [Research Saturday]

Jon DiMaggio, a Chief Security Strategist at Analyst1, is sharing his work on "Ransomware Diaries Volume 5: Unmasking LockBit." On February 19, 2024, the National Crime Agency (NCA), a UK sovereign law enforcement agency, in collaboration with the FBI, Europol, and nine other countries under "Operation Cronos," disrupted the LockBit ransomware gang’s data leak site used for shaming, extorting, and leaking victim data...



episode 2075: Cybercriminals target London drugs.

LockBit drops 300 gigabytes of data from London Drugs. Video software used in courtrooms worldwide contains a backdoor. Google patches another Chrome zero-day. The EU seeks collaboration between research universities and intelligence agencies. Atlas Lion targets retailers with gift card scams. Researchers explore an Apple reappearing photo bug. Hackers access a Japanese solar power grid. Congress floats a bill to enhance cyber workforce diversity...



episode 2074: Checkmate at check in.

Spyware is discovered on U.S. hotel check in systems. A Microsoft outage affects multiple services. Bitdefender uncovers Unfading Sea Haze. University of Maryland researchers find flaws in Apple’s Wi-Fi positioning system. Scotland’s NRS reveals a sensitive data leak. Rapid7 tracks the rise in zero-day exploits and mass compromise events. The SEC hits the operator of the New York Stock Exchange with a ten million dollar fine...



episode 2073: Privacy nightmare or useful tool?

Some say Microsoft’s Recall should be. A breach of a Texas healthcare provided affects over four hundred thousand. Police in the Philippines shut down services following a breach. Ivanti patches multiple products. GitHub fixes a critical authentication bypass vulnerability. Researchers discover critical vulnerabilities in Honeywell’s ControlEdge Unit Operations Controller. The DoD releases their Cybersecurity Reciprocity Playbook...



episode 2072: The secrets of a dark web drug lord.

The alleged operator of Incognito Market is collared at JFK. The UK plans new ransomware reporting regulations. Time to update your JavaScript PDF library. CISA adds a healthcare interface engine to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) catalog. HHS launches a fifty million dollar program to help secure hospitals. A Fluent Bit vulnerability impacts major cloud platforms. The EPA issues a cybersecurity alert for drinking water systems. BiBi Wiper grows more aggressive...



episode 2071: Double key encryption debate.

Germany’s BSI sues Microsoft for more information on recent security incidents. Julian Assange can appeal his U.S. extradition. AI chatbots may have itchy trigger fingers. CISA warns of vulnerabilities affecting Google Chrome and D-Link routers. Ham Radio’s association suffers a data breach. New underground marketplaces pop up to replace BreachForums. An updated banking trojan targets users in Central and South America. Cybercom’s founders share its origin story...



10 years on: The 10th anniversary of the first indictment of Chinese PLA actors. [Special Edition]

On this Special Edition podcast, Dave Bittner speaks with guest Dave Hickton, Founding Director, Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and Security at the University of Pittsburgh, and former US Attorney, on this 10th Anniversary of the first indictment of Chinese PLA actors. Hear directly from Mr. Hickton what lead to the indictment, the emotions that went along with this unprecedented action, and the legacy of the event...



episode 16: Encore: Monica Ruiz: Moving ahead when not many look like you. [Policy] [Career Notes]

Cyber Initiative and Special Projects Fellow at the Hewlett Foundation Monica Ruiz shares her career development from aspirations of being a weather woman to her current role as a grantmaker and connector in cybersecurity. Monica discusses how her international study experience changed her outlook and brought her to the field of security...



episode 330: From secret images to encryption keys. [Research Saturday]

This week, we are joined by Hosein Yavarzadeh from the University of California San Diego, as he is discussing his work on "Pathfinder: High-Resolution Control-Flow Attacks Exploiting the Conditional Branch Predictor" This paper introduces new methods that let attackers read from and write to specific parts of high-performance CPUs, such as the path history register (PHR) and prediction history tables (PHTs). These methods allow two main types of attacks...



episode 2070: MediSecure data breach hits Aussie healthcare.

Australia warns of a large-scale ransomware data breach. The justice department charges five with helping North Korean IT workers evade sanctions. The FCC wants to beef up BGP. Antidot is a new Android banking trojan. The SEC enhances disclosure obligations. Researchers uncover vulnerabilities in GE ultrasound devices. A Baltimore neo-nazi pleads guilty to conspiring to take down an electrical grid...