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episode 1749: Criminal evolutions, disgruntled insiders, and gangsta wannabes. New wiper attacks hit Ukrainian targets, with less effect than the first rounds early last year. And support your local hacktivist?

Gootloader's evolution. Yandex source code leaked (and Yandex blames a rogue insider). New GRU wiper malware is active against Ukraine. Latvia reports cyberattacks by Gamaredon. Russia and the US trade accusations of malign cyber activity. A hacktivist auxiliary's social support system. Deepen Desai from Zscaler describes the Lilithbot malware. Rick Howard looks at chaotic simians. And wannabes can be a nuisance, too: LockBit impersonators are seen operating in northern Europe...



episode 134: Charlie Moore: Pilot to head honcho in cyber. [Cyber Command] [Career Notes[

Our guest, Charlie Moore, is a recently retired USAF Lieutenant General who sits down to share his story from flying high in the air to becoming a bigwig in the cyber community. He was most recently the Deputy Commander of the United States Cyber Command, and also spent part of his career as a human factors engineer working on human interfaces for fighter aircraft...



episode 48: Interview with the AI, part one. [Special Editions]

Cybersecurity interview with ChatGPT. In part one of CyberWire’s Interview with the AI, Brandon Karpf interviews ChatGPT about topics related to cybersecurity. Rick Howard joins Brandon to analyze the conversation and discuss potential use cases for the cybersecurity community. ChatGPT is a chatbot launched by OpenAI and built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of large language models. Cyber questions answered by ChatGPT in part one of the interview...



episode 266: Flagging firmware vulnerabilities. [Research Saturday]

Roya Gordon from Nozomi Networks sits down with Dave to discuss their research on "Vulnerabilities in BMC Firmware Affect OT/IoT Device Security." Researchers at Nozomi Networks has revealed that there are thirteen vulnerabilities that affect BMCs of Lanner devices based on the American Megatrends (AMI) MegaRAC SP-X...



episode 1748: An update on the Hive ransomware takedown. More DDoS from Killnet. Advisories from CISA, and an addition to the Known Exploited Vulnerabilties Catalog.

An update on the takedown of the Hive ransomware gang, plus insights from CrowdStrike’s Adam Meyers. If you say you’re going to unleash the Leopards, expect a noisy call from Killnet. Our guest is ExtraHop CISO Jeff Costlow talking about nation-state attackers in light of ongoing Russian military operations. CISA has released eight ICS advisories, and the agency has also added an entry to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog...



episode 1747: Remote monitoring and management tools abused. Russian and Iranian cyberespionage reported. The world according to the CIO. And if volume is your secret, maybe look for a better secret.

Joint advisory warns of remote monitoring and management software abuse. Iranian threat actors reported active against a range of targets. UK's NCSC warns of increased risk of Russian and Iranian social engineering attacks. A look at trends, as seen by CIOs. Carole Theriault ponders health versus privacy with former BBC guru Rory Cellan Jones. Kyle McNulty, host of the Secure Ventures podcast shares lessons from the cybersecurity startup community. And the DRAGONBRIDGE spam network is disrupted...



episode 39: CISA Alert AA23-025A – Protecting against malicious use of remote monitoring and management software

CISA, NSA, and the MS-ISAC are releasing this alert to warn network defenders about malicious use of legitimate remote monitoring and management software.  AA23-025A Alert, Technical Details, and Mitigations For a downloadable copy of IOCs, see AA23-025.stix Silent Push uncovers a large trojan operation featuring Amazon, Microsoft, Geek Squad, McAfee, Norton, and Paypal domains No-cost cyber hygiene services: Cyber Hygiene Services and Ransomware Readiness Assessment...



episode 1746: TA444 and crypto theft on behalf of the Dear Successor. CryptoAPI spoofing vulnerability described. New Python-based malware campaign. User headspace. Tanks vs. hacktivists.

How do the North Koreans get away with it? They do run their cyber ops like a creepy start-up business. A spoofing vulnerability is discovered in Windows CryptoAPI. Python-based malware is distributed via phishing. MacOS may have a reputation for threat-resistance, but users shouldn't get cocky. DevSecOps survey results show tension between innovation and security. Russian hacktivist auxiliaries hit German targets...



Cyber Marketing Con 2022: From the horse’s mouth: CISO Q&A on solving the cyber marketer’s dilemma. [Special Editions]

At the 2022 Cyber Marketing Con, the CyberWire presented a CISO Q&A panel session on how to help cyber marketers reach CISOs and other security executives in the industry. The panel included Rick Howard, CSO of N2K Networks, Jaclyn Miller, Head of InfoSec and IT at DispatchHealth, Ted Wagner, CISO of SAP NS2, and was moderated by board director & and operating partner, Michelle Perry. Listen in as the panel discusses: What works and doesn’t work in getting a security executive’s attention...



episode 1745: Disentangling cybercrime from cyberespionage. A threat to the IoT supply chain. What do you do with the hacktivists when they stop being hacktivists? A retired FBI Special Agent is indicted.

DragonSpark conducts "opportunistic" cyberattacks in East Asia. ProxyNotShell and OWASSRF exploit chains target Microsoft Exchange servers. The IoT supply chain is threatened by exploitation of Realtek Jungle SDK vulnerability. CISA adds an entry to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog. A Cisco study finds organizations see positive returns from investment in privacy. What's the hacktivist's postwar future? Joe Carrigan tracks a romance scam targeting seniors...