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episode 2042: Unraveling a healthcare ransomware web.

Change Healthcare gets hit with another ransom demand. A French football team warns fans of a cyberattack. The Home Depot breach is chalked up to a misconfigured SaaS application. The FCC looks to sure up car connectivity security to protect survivors of domestic violence. Targus reports a disruptive cyberattack. A massive doxxing event hits El Salvador. India's top audio and wearables brand investigates a customer data breach. The Israeli military jams GPS...



episode 2041: A possible breakthrough in data privacy legislation.

Might there be motion from Congress on data privacy legislation? Maryland passes a pair of privacy bills. A database allegedly from the EPA shows up on Russian cybercrime forums. HHS issues an alert for the Healthcare and Public Health sectors. CISA gears up for their Cyber Storm. A leading UK veterinary service provider suffers a cyber incident. A hardcoded backdoor is discovered in deprecated Network Attached Storage devices. NSA’s new cybersecurity director takes the reins...



episode 10: Encore: Selena Larson: The Green Goldfish and cyber threat intelligence. [Analyst] [Career Notes]

Cyber threat intelligence analyst Selena Larson takes us on her career journey from being a journalist to making the switch to industrial security. As a child who wrote a book about a green goldfish who dealt with bullying, Selena always liked investigating and researching things. Specializing in cybersecurity journalism led to the realization of how closely aligned or similar skills are required from an investigative journalist and a cyber threat intelligence analyst...



episode 324: Leaking your AWS API keys, on purpose? [Research Saturday]

Noah Pack, a SANS Internet Storm Center Intern, sits down to discuss research on "What happens when you accidentally leak your AWS API keys?" This research is a guest diary from Noah and shares a project he worked on after seeing an online video of someone who created a python script that emailed colleges asking for free swag to be shipped to him. The research states "In this article, I will share some research, resources, and real-world data related to leaked AWS API keys...



episode 2040: Deciphering the Acuity cybersecurity incident.

Acuity downplays its recent breach. IcedID gives way to a new malware strain. Russia arrests alleged credit card thieves. Wiz uncovers security flaws in Hugging Face AI models. NERC and the E-ISAC review lessons learned from simulated attacks on the electrical grid. UK police track honey traps targeting MPs. Microsoft says China is actively trying to influence US elections. A major global lens maker suffers a cyber attack...



episode 2039: Securing secrets: The State Department's cyber hunt.

The State Department investigates an alleged breach. The FCC looks at regulating connected vehicles. A big-tech consortium hopes to mitigate AI-related job losses. Google aims to thwart cookie-thieves. SurveyLama exposes sensitive info of over four millions users. Omni Hotels & Resorts is recovering from a cyberattack. A national cancer treatment center suffers a breach. How cyber is approached on both sides of the pond...



episode 2038: Biden administration brings down the hammer.

The Cyber Safety Review Board hands Microsoft a scathing report. Jackson County, Missouri declares a state of emergency following a ransomware attack. The concerning growth of Chinese brands in U.S. critical infrastructure. Malware campaigns make use of YouTube. OWASP issues a data breach warning. Trend Micro tracks LockBit’s faltering rebound. India’s government cloud service leaks personal data. ChatGPT jailbreaks spread on popular hacker forums...



episode 2037: From lawsuit to logoff: Google's incognito mode makeover.

Google agrees to delete billions of user records. NIST addresses the NVD backlog. India rescues hundreds of citizens from scam jobs in Cambodia. The UK and US agree to collaborate on AI safety. The FTC tracks an explosion in impersonation fraud. A PandaBuy breach exposes over 1.3 million customers. Prudential Financial informs over 36,000 customers of a data breach. A look at safeguarding sensitive data...



episode 2036: Unmasking the xzploitation.

The xz backdoor sets the open source community back on its heels. AT&T resets passwords on millions of customer accounts. Researchers track a macOS infostealer. Poland investigates past internal use of Pegasus spyware. The latest Vultur banking trojan grows trickier than ever. We note the passing of a security legend. On our Solution Spotlight, N2K President Simone Petrella talks about “Bits, Bytes, and Loyalty: How to Improve Team Retention” with Yameen Huq of the Aspen Institute...



episode 156: Encore: Liji Samuel: Leaping beyond the barrier. [Certification] [Career Notes]

Liji Samuel from NSA sits down to share her exciting career path through the years until she found a job working for as Chief of Standards and Certification at NSA's Cyber Collaboration Center. She starts by sharing that she had always wanted to work in the STEM field, explaining that growing up she was surrounded with older cousins who were choosing STEM careers and it became an interesting topic for her...