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episode 13: The CyberWire 1.12.16

State attacks on Southeast Asian NGOs? Post mortems on the Ukrainian grid's cyber attack. Technical and messaging responses to ISIS. Wassenaar receives US Congressional scrutiny.


 2016-01-12  13m

episode 12: The CyberWire 1.11.16

Consensus emerges on Ukraine power grid hack. Technical fixes for information operations? Patch news.


 2016-01-11  15m

The CyberWire Week in Review 1.8.16

SandWorm and BlackEnergy—an attack on Ukraine's power grid. Enemies of ISIS continue their search for counter-messaging and actionable intelligence. DDoS as misdirection. Compromised certificates used to spread malware, and something new: ransomware-as-


 2016-01-08  6m

episode 11: The CyberWire 1.8.16

Cyberspace as intelligence domain. Exploits kits, IoT issues, and Brain Test's return.


 2016-01-08  10m

episode 10: The CyberWire 1.7.16

Bracing for infrastructure hacks. Malware distributed with compromised certs. Monetizing identity theft.


 2016-01-07  13m

episode 9: The CyberWire 1.6.16

Intelligence services link Russia to the cyber attack on Ukraine's power grid. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and ISIS ramp up their mutually antagonistic postures in cyberspace. Ransomware-as-a-service tool "Ransom32." And we talk with the CyberWire's editor about


 2016-01-06  12m

episode 8: The CyberWire 1.5.16

Mounting evidence of a Russian cyber attack on Ukraine's power grid, the hunt for “Jihadi John," hacktivist response to recent Saudi executions, and we talk with the CyberWire's editor about the latest in power-grid hacking.


 2016-01-05  11m

episode 7: The CyberWire 1.4.16

ISIS remains undeterred and defiant in cyberspace. Anti-ISIS hacktivists strike BBC and Trump's campaign. Turkish hacktivists vs. Russia. Russian cyber operators vs. Ukraine's power grid. Intelligence services seek to improve cooperation against terrorist


 2016-01-04  13m

The CyberWire Week in Review 12.30.15

Turkey sustains a denial-of-service campaign from Anonymous. A look at the ISIS online, its aspirations and remaining limitations. community. Flash Player issues. National cyber laws and policies considered, with a particular look at surveillance and encr


 2015-12-30  12m

episode 6: The CyberWire 12.30.15

A look at the ISIS online community. Possibilities and limitations of social media as sources of intelligence. Microsoft addresses Flash Player issues in IE and Edge. National cyber laws and policies considered. And industry analysts forecast a very big 2


 2015-12-30  11m