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 2015-12-21  10m

episode 1: RSA Special: Threat Intelligence [Special Edition]

RSA Special: Threat Intelligence


 2016-03-09  18m

episode 1: Cobian RAT: Zscaler’s Deepen Desai describes some clever malware. [Research Saturday]

Cobian RAT: Zscaler’s Deepen Desai describes some clever malware


 2017-09-16  19m

episode 1: Your security stack is moving: SASE is coming.

Rick Howard, the CyberWire’s Chief Analyst, discusses the next big thing in cybersecurity service delivery. It is called SASE, coined by Gartner last fall, and stands for Secure Access Service Edge (Cloud delivered). It flips on its head how we all consume security services today and it is the perfect solution for small to medium size businesses. In five years, it will be the primary way that all size businesses consume security products.


 2020-04-06  13m

episode 1: Ask more people to dance. [Career Notes]

Cyber analyst Tracy Maleeff's journey from library science to cybersecurity.


 2020-06-07  5m

episode 1: NMAP (noun) [Word Notes]

A network mapping tool that pings IP addresses looking for a response and can discover host names, open communications ports, operating system names and versions. Written and maintained by Gordon Lyon, a.k.a. Fyodor, it is a free and open source software application used by both system admins and hackers alike and has been a staple in the security community for well over two decades.


 2020-08-11  3m

episode 1: Ode to Wealthy Elite.

Maybe big advantage for you?


 2020-09-14  2m

episode 1: Let's go to the movies. [Hacking Humans Goes to the Movies]

Welcome to a fun new project by the team who brings you Hacking Humans, the CyberWire's social engineering podcast. Co-hosts Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan are joined by Rick Howard in this series. They view clips from their favorite movies with examples of the social engineering scams and schemes you hear about on Hacking Humans. In this first episode, Dave, Joe and Rick are watching Dave's and Joe's picks...


 2021-11-11  25m

episode 1: Introducing Control Loop, the industrial cybersecurity podcast. [Trailer]

Control Loop is your terminal for industrial security, intelligence, and learning. Every two weeks, we bring you the latest news, strategies, and technologies that industry professionals rely on to safeguard civilization.


 2022-05-30  1m

episode 2: The CyberWire 12.22.15

Iran vs. US infrastructure. Juniper's backdoor. Surveillance policy proposals and debates.


 2015-12-22  11m