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episode 1: AWS in Orbit: Leveraging generative AI to do more at the rugged space edge with AWS. [T-Minus]

Kathy O’Donnell is the leader of Space Solutions Architecture at AWS. We dive into case studies with companies using generative AI and space tech to improve life here on Earth.


 February 19, 2024  40m

episode 2: The CyberWire 12.22.15

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 December 22, 2015  10m

episode 2: RSA Special: Emerging Technologies [Special Editions]

RSA Special: Emerging Technologies


 March 10, 2016  22m

episode 2: Pacifier APT : Bitdefender's Liviu Arsene describes a sophisticated, multifaceted malware campaign. [Research Saturday]

Pacifier APT : Bitdefender's Liviu Arsene describes a sophisticated, multifaceted malware campaign


 September 23, 2017  24m

episode 2: Alexa, are you actually self-aware? (And, does it matter?)

Rick Howard, the CyberWire’s Chief Analyst, discusses the Artificial Intelligence hype. Listen as Rick talks about the emergence of machine learning as a key tool to the detection of cyber adversaries (and the need for big data to pursue that strategy). He also discusses the transition of SIEMS from on-prem devices to cloud-delivered services in order to facilitate the implied big data collection requirement...


 April 13, 2020  15m

episode 2: The mark of making a difference. [Career Notes]

Financial firm CISO, Tom Quinn, takes us on journey from the military to the financial industry.


 June 14, 2020  6m

episode 2: Misdirection and layering with a con in the middle. [Hacking Humans Goes to the Movies]

Thanks for joining us for our fun project brought to you by the team of Hacking Humans, the CyberWire's social engineering podcast. Co-hosts Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan are joined by Rick Howard in this series where they view clips from their favorite movies with examples of the social engineering scams and schemes you hear about on Hacking Humans. In this episode, Dave, Joe and Rick are watching Joe's and Rick's scene picks...


 November 25, 2021  17m

episode 2: Patrick Morley: Former Carbon Black CEO [Cyber CEOs Decoded]

In this episode, Marc and Patrick Morley, former CEO of Carbon Black, get nostalgic as they discuss Patrick's journey of coming up through the start up scene in the 90s—from working with VCs to taking companies public—and compare it to running cyber companies today...


 July 4, 2022  1h1m

episode 2: AWS in Orbit: Securing the space frontier with AI cybersecurity solutions. [T-Minus AWS in Orbit]

We dive into space cybersecurity challenges, opportunities, and what’s over the horizon with AWS, generative AI, and space tech with Buffy Wajvoda.


 November 18, 2023  31m

episode 2: Encore: Tom Quinn: The mark of making a difference. [CISO] [Career Notes]

Financial firm CISO, Tom Quinn, takes us from his first experience with modern computers in the military to his current role as a Chief Information Security Officer. It's important to understand how the technology works, but it's also important to understand how people work. And, to make a difference. Our thanks to Tom for sharing his story with us. 


 December 31, 2023  6m