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episode 35: Ron Gula and Mike Janke - VC pitfalls and how to avoid them. [Special Editions]

In this CyberWire special edition, advice from a pair of seasoned cyber security investors. Ron Gula caught our eye with an article he recently penned titled "Cyber entrepreneur pitfalls you can avoid." In it, he gathers a group of tech investors to...


 December 30, 2019  34m

episode 116: A Jira vulnerability that’s leaking data in the public cloud. [Research Saturday]

Unit 42 (the Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence team) released new research on a Jira vulnerability that’s leaking data of technology, industrial and media organizations in the public cloud. The vulnerability (a Server Side Request Forgery --...


 January 3, 2020  16m

episode 117: Profiling the Linken Sphere anti-detection browser. [Research Saturday]

Multiple e-commerce and financial organizations around the world are targeted by cybercriminals attempting to bypass or disable their security mechanisms, in some cases by using tools that imitate the activities of legitimate users. Linken Sphere, an...


 January 11, 2020  13m

episode 118: Clever breaches demonstrate IoT security gaps. [Research Saturday]

Some of our favorite and most trusted IoT devices help make us feel secure in our homes. From garage door openers to the locks on our front doors, we trust these devices to recognize and alert us when people are entering our home. It should come as no...


 January 18, 2020  23m

episode 119: Know Thine Enemy - Identifying North American Cyber Threats. [Research Saturday]

The electric utility industry is a valuable target for adversaries seeking to exploit industrial control systems (ICS) and operations technology (OT) for a variety of purposes. As adversaries and their sponsors invest more effort and money into...


 January 25, 2020  28m

episode 120: Tracking one of China's hidden hacking groups. [Research Saturday]

Operation Wocao (我操, “Wǒ cāo”, is a Chinese curse word) is the name that Fox-IT uses to describe the hacking activities of a Chinese based hacking group. We are joined by Fox-IT's Maarten van Dantzig who shares his insights into their new...


 February 1, 2020  19m

episode 121: The Chameleon attacks Online Social Networks. [Research Saturday]

The Chameleon attack technique is a new type of OSN-based trickery where malicious posts and profiles change the way they are displayed to OSN users to conceal themselves before the attack or avoid detection. Joining us to discuss their findings in a...


 February 8, 2020  18m

episode 122: If you can't detect it, you can't steal it. [Research Saturday]

BGN Technologies, the technology transfer company of Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev, Israel, is introducing the first all-optical “stealth” encryption technology that will be significantly more secure and private for highly-sensitive...


 February 15, 2020  25m

episode 123: New vulnerabilities in PC sound cards. [Research Saturday]

SafeBreach Labs discovered a new vulnerability in the Realtek HD Audio Driver Package, which is deployed on PCs containing Realtek sound cards.  On this week's Research Saturday, our conversation with Itzik Kotler, who is Co-Founder and CTO at...


 February 22, 2020  21m

episode 124: Application tracking in Wacom tablets. [Research Saturday]

Today's Research Saturday features our conversation with Robert Heaton, a software engineer with Stripe who penned a blog post about his disappointing discovery involving his Wacom tablet tracking his applications. The post struck a nerve and has...


 February 29, 2020  20m