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episode 36: Hank Thomas and Mike Doniger, getting the specs on the cyber SPAC [Special Editions]

In this special edition, our extended conversation with Hank Thomas and Mike Doniger from their new company SCVX. Both experienced investors, their plan is to bring a new funding mechanism known as a SPAC to cyber security which, they say, is new to...


 January 26, 2020  38m

episode 37: Eric Haseltine on his book, "The Spy in Moscow Station." [Special Editions]

On this Special Edition, our extended conversation with Eric Haseltine on his book "." The book... "tells of a time when—much like today—Russian spycraft had proven itself far beyond the best technology the U.S. had to offer. The perils of...


 February 2, 2020  30m

episode 38: David Sanger on the HBO documentary based off his book, "The Perfect Weapon". [Special Edition]

On this Special Edition, our extended conversation with author and New York Times national security correspondent David E. Sanger. The Perfect Weapon explores the rise of cyber conflict as the primary way nations now compete with and sabotage one another. ‌ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 November 1, 2020  30m

episode 48: New CISO responsibilities: supply chain. [CSO Perspectives]

Rick Howard, the Cyberwire’s CSO and Chief Analyst, is joined by Hash Table members Ann Johnson, Microsoft’s Corporate VP on Security, Compliance, & Identity, and Ted Wagner, the SAP National Security Services CISO, t0 discuss supply chain as a new CISO responsibility. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 September 5, 2022  25m

episode 202: Exploring the cosmic frontier: Unveiling the future of space law. [Caveat]

Bryce Kennedy, President of the Association of Commercial Space Professionals (ACSP), is sharing what is on horizon in space law. Bryce is also a space lawyer and a regular contributor to our T-Minus daily space podcast right here on the N2K podcast network. You can hear more from the T-Minus space daily show here. While this show covers legal topics, and Ben is a lawyer, the views expressed do not constitute legal advice...


 January 18, 2024  29m

episode 215: Keeping APIs on the radar: Evaluating the banking industry. [Research Saturday]

This episode features guest Alissa Knight, former hacker and partner at Knight Ink, along with Karl Mattson, CISO from Noname Security, discussing findings on severe API vulnerabilities in U.S. banking applications research that was conducted by Alissa and funded by Noname Security. The research, “Scorched Earth: Hacking Bank APIs,” unveils a number of vulnerabilities in the banking, cryptocurrency exchange, and FinTech industries...


 January 15, 2022  25m

episode 216: A collaboration stumbles upon threat actor Lyceum. [Research Saturday]

Guest Rob Boyce, Accenture's Global Lead for Cyber Incident Response and Transformation Services, joins Dave to discuss joint research done by Accenture’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (ACTI) group and Prevailion’s Adversarial Counterintelligence Team (PACT). The teams dug into recently publicized campaigns of the cyber espionage threat group Lyceum (aka HEXANE, Spirlin) to further analyze the operational infrastructure and victimology of this actor...


 January 22, 2022  17m

episode 217: Use of legitimate tools possibly linked to Seedworm. [Research Saturday]

Guest Sylvester Segura from the Symantec Threat Hunter Team joins Dave to discuss their team's work on "Espionage Campaign Targets Telecoms Organizations across Middle East and Asia." Attackers most likely linked to Iran have attacked a string of telecoms operators in the Middle East and Asia over the past six months, in addition to a number of IT services organizations and a utility company...


 January 29, 2022  14m

episode 218: The persistent and patient nature of advanced threat actors. [Research Saturday]

Guest Danny Adamitis from Black Lotus Labs joins Dave to discuss their team's new research "New Konni Campaign Kicks the New Year Off by Targeting Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs." Black Lotus Labs, the threat research team of Lumen Technologies, uncovered a series of targeted actions against the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID)...


 February 5, 2022  18m

episode 219: SysJoker backdoor masquerades as benign updates. [Research Saturday]

Guests Avigayil Mechtinger and Ryan Robinson from Intezer discuss SysJoker malware, a backdoor that targets Windows, Linux and MacOS, Malware targeting multiple operating systems has become no exception in the malware threat landscape. Vermilion Strike, which was documented just last September, is among the latest examples until now.   In December 2021, the team at Intezer discovered a new multi-platform backdoor that targets Windows, Mac, and Linux...


 February 12, 2022  14m