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episode 36: Hank Thomas and Mike Doniger, getting the specs on the cyber SPAC [Special Editions]

In this special edition, our extended conversation with Hank Thomas and Mike Doniger from their new company SCVX. Both experienced investors, their plan is to bring a new funding mechanism known as a SPAC to cyber security which, they say, is new to...


 2020-01-26  33m

episode 37: Eric Haseltine on his book, "The Spy in Moscow Station." [Special Editions]

On this Special Edition, our extended conversation with Eric Haseltine on his book "." The book... "tells of a time when—much like today—Russian spycraft had proven itself far beyond the best technology the U.S. had to offer. The perils of...


 2020-02-02  26m

episode 38: David Sanger on the HBO documentary based off his book, "The Perfect Weapon". [Special Edition]

On this Special Edition, our extended conversation with author and New York Times national security correspondent David E. Sanger. The Perfect Weapon explores the rise of cyber conflict as the primary way nations now compete with and sabotage one another. ‌


 2020-11-01  24m

episode 995: Taking down Thallium. Cloud Hopper: bigger (and worse) than thought. US tightens screws on the supply chain. The bite of winter and the scent of plums.

Microsoft takes down bogus domains operated by North Korea’s Thallium Advanced Persistent Threat. The Cloud Hoppercyber espionage campaign turns out to have been far more extensive than hitherto believed. The US wants Huawei (and ZTE) out of...


 2020-01-02  22m

episode 996: Escalation in the Gulf as a US air strike kills Iran’s Quds commander. Travelex and RavnAir continue their recovery from cyberattacks. Taiwan’s memes against misinformation.

The US and Iran trade fire in Iraq, and a leading Iranian general is killed in a US airstrike. A corresponding escalation of cyber operations can be expected. Currency exchange Travelex continues to operate manually as it works to recover from what it...


 2020-01-03  25m

episode 997: Sequelae of the US Reaper strike against the Quds Force commander. Warnings of Iranian retaliation, with an emphasis on cyberspace. Espionage in Austria, and a second look at an LSE outage.

Iran vows retribution for the US drone strike that killed the commander of the Quds Force. The US prepares for Iranian action, and the Department of Homeland Security warns that cyberattacks are particularly likely. Some low-grade Iranian cyber...


 2020-01-06  18m

episode 998: No more Iranian cyberattacks since the minor weekend vandalism, but the US Government advises all to look to their defenses. Fancy Bear is the usual suspect in Austria. A guilty plea by an insider threat.

The kittens haven’t scratched much so far, but the US Government and others are warning organizations to be alert to the likelihood of Iranian cyberattacks in retaliation for the combat death, by US missile, of Quds Force commander Soleimani. Fancy...


 2020-01-07  23m

episode 999: No major Iranian cyberattacks against the US so far, as both sides appear interested in cooling off. The Cyber Solarium offers a preview of its coming report on US cyber strategy.

Iran took some missile shots at two US air bases in Iraq last night, and President Trump barked back in a late morning press conference, but actually both sides seem inclined to move toward de-escalation. No major Iranian cyberattacks have developed,...


 2020-01-08  23m

episode 1000: Cyber alert remains high as the US-Iranian confrontation cools. Information ops, wipers, and energy sector targeting.

As kinetic combat abates in Iraq, warnings of cyber threats increase. US intelligence agencies warn of heightened likelihood of Iranian cyber operations. These may be more serious than the low-grade website defacements and Twitter impersonations so...


 2020-01-09  23m

episode 1001: Updates on US-Iranian tensions, and especially on hacktivism and possible power grid battlespace preparation. Researchers complain of preinstalled malware said to be in discount Android phones.

Amid indications that both Iran and the US would prefer to back away from open war, concerns about Iranian power grid battlespace preparation remain high. Recent website defacements, however, increasingly look more like the work of young hacktivists...


 2020-01-10  26m