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episode 1002: Cyber tensions and cyberwar. China’s influence ops against Taiwan apparently backfire. Maze gang goes for doxing. SIM swapping. FBI promises FISA Court it will do better.

The FBI reiterates prudent, consensus warnings about a heightened probability of cyberattacks from Iran, but so far nothing beyond credential-spraying battlespace preparation has come to notice. The US Congress mulls the definition of “act of war”...


 2020-01-13  21m

episode 1003: Microsoft patches a vulnerability NSA disclosed. Fronting for APT40 in Hainan. Fancy Bear pawed at Burisma. The NSA Pensacola shooting and the debate over encryption.

NSA discloses a vulnerability to Microsoft so it can be patched quickly. Intrusion Truth describes thirteen front companies for China’s APT40--they’re interested in offensive cyber capabilities. Area 1 reports that Russia’s GRU conducted a...


 2020-01-14  23m

episode 1004: Disclosure, patching, and warning. Norway takes on “out-of-control” data sharing by dating apps. Ransomware all-in on doxing. What to do about Huawei.

NSA gives Microsoft a heads-up about a Windows vulnerability, and CISA is right behind them with instructions for Federal civilian agencies and advice for everyone else. Norway’s Consumer Council finds that dating apps are “out of control” with...


 2020-01-15  23m

episode 1005: Curveball proofs-of-concept. CISA warns chemical industry. Military families harassed online. Phishing the UN. Fleeceware in the Play Store. Moscow says there was no Burisma hack.

Proof-of-concept exploits for the CryptoAPI vulnerability Microsoft patched this week have been released. CISA warns the chemical industry to look to its security during this period of what the agency calls “heightened geopolitical tension.”...


 2020-01-16  22m

episode 1006: Hacks, and rumors of hacks. Burisma incident under investigation. SharePoint exploitation. How to spark a run on a bank. WeLinkInfo taken down. Phishbait update.

Hacks and rumors of hacks surrounding US-Iranian tension. Ukrainian authorities are looking into the Burisma hack, and they’d like FBI assistance. The FBI quietly warns that two US cities were hacked by a foreign service. The New York Fed has...


 2020-01-17  25m

episode 1007: RATs, backdoors, and a remote code execution zero-day. Hoods breach Mitsubishi Electric. Telnet credentials dumped.

A new RAT goes after Arabic-speaking targets. Updates on US-Iranian tension in cyberspace. An Internet Explorer bug is being exploited in the wild; a patch will arrive in February. A pseudo-vigilante seems to be preparing Citrix devices for future...


 2020-01-21  22m

episode 1008: The UN takes up a case of spyware; it’s linked to an extrajudicial killing. Glenn Greenwald indicted on hacking charges in Brazil. NetWire and StarsLord are back.

UN rapporteurs say that the Saudi Crown Prince was probably involved in the installation of spyware on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s personal phone. Brazilian prosecutors have indicted Glenn Greenwald, co-founder of the Intercept, on hacking charges....


 2020-01-22  22m

episode 1009: Phishing with a RAT in the Gulf. More on how Jeff Bezos was hacked. Microsoft discloses data exposure. Ransomware continues to dump data. Windows 7, already back from the great beyond.

There’s more phishing around the Arabian Gulf, but it doesn’t look local. Reactions to Brazil’s indictment of Glenn Greenwald. The forensic report on Jeff Bezos’s smartphone has emerged, and the UN wants some investigating. Microsoft discloses...


 2020-01-23  19m

episode 1010: PupyRAT is back. So is the Konni Group. Twitter storm over claims that MBS hacked Jeff Bezos. Anti-disinformaiton laws considered. Canada is ready to impose costs on cyber attackers.

PupyRAT was found in a European energy organization: it may be associated with Iranian threat actors. Another threat actor, the Konni Group, was active against a US government agency last year. Saudi Arabia maintains it had nothing to do with hacking...


 2020-01-24  22m

episode 1011: A cyber espionage campaign is to use DNS hijacking. More observations on l’affaire Bezos. Operation Night Fury versus e-commerce hackers. Farewell to Clayton Christensen.

Someone has been running a DNS hijacking campaign against governments in southeast Europe and southwest Asia, and Reuters thinks that someone looks like Turkey. Experts would like to see a more thorough forensic analysis of Mr. Bezos’ iPhone: that...


 2020-01-27  21m