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episode 1012: Huawei will play in UK infrastructure, at least a little. Citizen Lab on KINGDOM, a Pegasus operator. Avast and sale of user data. Happy Data Privacy Day.

Britain decides to let Huawei into its 5G infrastructure, just a little bit, anyway. Citizen Lab reports on its investigation of Saudi use of Pegasus spyware against journalists. Avast is again collecting user data and sharing anonymized data with a...


 2020-01-28  23m

episode 1013: Ransomware in industrial control systems. Phone hacks, proved and unproved. Britain’s compromise decision on Huawei. Wawa cards in the Joker’s Stash. CardPlanet boss pleads guilty.

Snake ransomware appears to have hit industrial control systems, and may be connected to Iran. The verdict on the Saudi hack of Mr. Bezos’ phone seems to stand at not proven, but the Kingdom does seem to have used Pegasus intercept tools against...


 2020-01-29  24m

episode 1014: Hacking the UN. Avast closes Jumpshot over privacy uproar. Facebook settles a biometric lawsuit. Data exposures, a LiveRamp compromise, and more newly aggressive ransomware.

UN agencies in Geneva and Vienna were successfully hacked last summer in an apparent espionage campaign. Avast shuts down its Jumpshot data analysis subsidiary and resolves to stick to its security last. Facebook reaches a preliminary, $550 million...


 2020-01-30  24m

episode 1015: The Winnti Group is interested in Hong Kong protestors. The UK, the US, and the EU all look for a cooperative way forward into 5G. DDoS for hire hits an independent Serbian media outlet. Ransomware may have hit a US defense contractor. EvilCorp is back. T

The Winnti Group is interested in Hong Kong protestors. The UK, the US, and the EU all look for a cooperative way forward into 5G. DDoS for hire hits an independent Serbian media outlet. Ransomware may have hit a US defense contractor. EvilCorp is...


 2020-01-31  24m

episode 1016: More on EKANS, the ransomware with an ICS kicker. Shipping company customer-facing IT disrupted in cyber incident. Coronavirus as phishbait. Election security, new DoD rules, and insider threats.

Dragos publicly releases its full report on EKANS ransomware, the first known ransomware with a real if primitive capability against industrial control systems. An Australian logistics company struggles with an unspecified malware infestation....


 2020-02-03  18m

episode 1017: Buggy app delays count in Iowa Democratic caucus. US county election sites ill-prepared against influence ops. Twitter fixes API exploited by fake accounts. NIST on ransomware.

Iowa Democrats work to sort out app-induced confusion over Monday’s Presidential caucus. A McAfee study finds widespread susceptibility to influence operations in US county websites. Twitter fixes an API vulnerability and suspends a large network of...


 2020-02-04  23m

episode 1018: Update on the Iowa Democrats’ bad app. DDoS warning for state election sites. DDoS trends. New ransomware tracked. Tehran spoofing emails? Nintendo hacker pleads guilty.

Iowa’s Democrats are still counting their caucus results, but on the other hand they weren’t hacked. A poorly built and badly tested app is still being blamed, and that judgment seems likely to hold up. The FBI warns of a DDoS attempt against a...


 2020-02-05  23m

episode 1019: Iowa caucus problems induced by buggy counting and reporting app. Bitbucket repositories used to spread malware. Gamaredon active again against Ukraine. Charming Kitten’s phishing.

Iowa Democrats continue to count their caucus results, and blame for the mess is falling squarely on Shadow, Inc.’s IowaReporterApp. Bitbucket repositories are found spreading malware. The attack on Toll Group turns out to be Mailto ransomware. The...


 2020-02-06  22m

episode 1020: Chinese cyber espionage in Malaysia and Japan. Android Bluetooth bug. Google expels suspect apps from the Play store. More Iowa caucus finger-pointing. US preps indictments of Chinese nationals.

Chinese espionage groups target Malaysian officials, and two more Japanese defense contractors say they were breached, also by China. Google patches Android problems, including an unusual Bluetooth bug. Google also expels apps that wanted unreasonable...


 2020-02-07  26m

episode 1021: US indicts PLA officers in Equifax hack. Pyongyang shows pariah states how it’s done. DDoS in Iran. Updates on Democratic Party caucus IT issues. Likud has a buggy app, too.

US indicts four members of China’s People’s Liberation Army in connection with the 2017 Equifax breach. North Korea establishes an Internet template for pariah regimes’ sanctions evasion. Iran sustained a major DDoS attack Saturday. US...


 2020-02-10  23m