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episode 1380: Extortion is the motive in the Saudi Aramco incident. Updates on the Pegasus Project. Chinese cyberespionage and Beijing’s tu quoque. FIN7 resurfaces, and a post-mortem on Egregor.

It’s extortion after all at Saudi Aramco. Controversy and investigation over alleged misuse of NSO Group’s Pegasus intercept tool continues. Warning of Chinese espionage from ANSSI, and China’s denunciation of all this kind of “baseless slander.” Phishing in Milanote. FIN7 resurfaces after the conviction of some key members. Dinah Davis from Arctic Wolf on the importance of identity management...


 2021-07-22  27m

episode 1381: Cyber threats to, and around, the Olympic Games. Kaseya got a decryptor, from somewhere…. NSO says it’s not responsible for Pegasus misuse. US cyber policy toward China. Fraud Family busted.

The Olympics are underway, and the authorities are on the alert for cyberattacks. Kaseya has a decryptor for the REvil ransomware, but it hasn’t said how it got the key. NSO Group says it’s not responsible for customer misuse of its Pegasus intercept tool. US policy toward Chinese cyber activities shows continuity, with some diplomatic intensification, but hawks would like to see more action. Our guest Jack Williams from Hexagon joins Dave to discuss the promises and challenges of smart cities...


 2021-07-23  26m

episode 1382: The source of Kaseya’s REvil key remains unknown. Cyber incident disrupts port operations at Cape Town and Durban. Updates on the Pegasus Project. And a guilty plea in a swatting case.

Kaseya isn’t saying where it got its REvil decryptor. Transportation services disrupted at two major South African ports by an unspecified cyber incident. Another company is mentioned as an alleged source of abused intercept tools as the controversy over NSO Group’s Pegasus software continues. Johannes Ullrich from SANS on supply chains, development tools and insecure libraries. Our own Rick Howard looks at enterprise encryption. And a guilty plea gets a swatter five years: he got off easy...


 2021-07-26  25m

episode 1383: South African ports invoke force majeure over cyberattack. Documents indicate Iranian interest in control systems attacks. Dark web wanted ads. Cyber diplomacy. Lousy cafeteria food?

Transnet declares force majeure over cyberattack on South African port management. The IRGC apparently is Googling a bunch of stuff about gas stations and merchant ships. Kaseya’s denial of paying ransom has legs. Criminal coders like obscure languages. The AvosLocker gang is looking for pentesters, access brokers, and affiliates. The US and China hold “frank and open” conversations about, among other things, cyber tensions...


 2021-07-27  27m

episode 1384: US ICS Cybersecurity Initiative formalized. Developments in the ransomware world. Addressing known vulnerabilities. Caucasus coinmining crackdown. A long-running IRGC catphishing campaign.

US formally establishes its Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Initiative. Shooting wars in cyberspace. Developments in the ransomware criminal souks. This week’s iOS update may have closed the vulnerability exploited by NSO Group’s Pegasus intercept tool. The US, UK, and Australia issue a joint advisory on the most exploited vulnerabilities. Abkhazia’s crackdown on coinminers. Joe Carrigan looks at the Mespinoza ransomware gang. And meet Marcy Flores, the Robin Sage of Liverpool aerobics...


 2021-07-28  30m

episode 1385: Public Wi-Fi advice from NSA. South African ports recover from ransomware. Iranian rail incident was a wiper attack. Developments in the criminal-to-criminal market. Intercept vendors under scrutiny.

Advice on WiFi security from NSA. South African ports are recovering from their ransomware attack. The attack on Iranian railroads was a wiper, of unknown origin and uncertain purpose. Developments in the criminal-to-criminal market. Israel undertakes an investigation of NSO Group. Josh Ray from Accenture Security on the road back to the office. Our guest is Duncan Godfrey from Auth0 with insights on managing digital identities...


 2021-07-29  27m

episode 1386: Multiple Cozy Bear sightings (at least the bear tracks). Spyware in a Chinese employee benefits app. Phishing campaigns. DoppelPaymer rebrands. And ignore that bot--it hasn’t been watching you surf.

Cozy Bear’s active command-and-control servers are found, and people conclude that Moscow’s not too worried about American retaliation after all. Spyware found in an app for companies doing business in China. What to make (and not make) of the Iranian documents Sky News received. Phishing with Crimean bait. HTML smuggling may be enjoying a moderate surge. DoppelPaymer rebrands. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos on growing the next-gen of cyber...


 2021-07-30  26m

episode 1387: SVR was reading the US Attorneys’ emails. Deliveries still lag as South African ports reopen. EA hackers dump game source code. Another look at criminal markets. And Mr. Hushpuppi cops a plea.

SVR may have compromised twenty-seven US Attorneys’ offices. Ransomware disruptions of a physical supply chain continue as South African ports reopen. EA hackers give up, and dump the source code they stole. Double extortion may not be paying off. A look at initial access brokers. Operation Top Dog yields indictments in an international fraud case. Rick Howard tackles enterprise backup strategies. Kevin Magee from Microsoft with lessons learned hiring multiple team members during COVID...


 2021-08-02  26m

episode 1388: Apparent ransomware disrupts Italian vaccine scheduling system. Cyberespionage compromised Southeast Asian telcos. RAT and phishing in the wild. Cybercriminals explain themselves.

An apparent ransomware attack hits Italy’s online vaccine-scheduling service. A Chinese cyberespionage campaign hits Southeast Asian telcos enroute to high-value targets. Some strategic context for Beijing’s espionage. FatalRAT is spreading by Telegram. Crafty phishing spoofs SharePoint. Joe Carrigan has thoughts on HP's latest Threat Insights Report. Our guest is Marc Gaffan of Hysolate who reveals the “Enterprise Security Paradox”...


 2021-08-03  26m

episode 1389: Espionage phishing in unfamiliar places. OT vulnerabilities. LemonDuck’s rising fortunes. Data exposure. Kubernetes advice from NSA and CISA. Meng Wanzhou’s extradition.

APT31 casts its net into some waters that aren’t yet phished out. Vulnerabilities in the NicheStack TCP/IP stack are reported. LemonDuck may be outgrowing its beginnings as a cryptojacking botnet. A large marketing database is found exposed. NSA and CISA offer advice on securing Kubernetes clusters. Adam Darrah from ZeroFox checks in from the floor at BlackHat. Our guests are Nic Fillingham and Natalia Godyla from Microsoft’s Security Unlocked podcast...


 2021-08-04  32m