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episode 39: In the clear: what it's like working as a woman in the cleared community. [Special Edition]

This special edition podcast highlights three women, Priyanka, Ashley and Lauren, who chose to focus their careers in cybersecurity for the mission-based organization Northrop Grumman. Kathleen Smith from ClearedJobs.Net joins us as our panel moderator. The CyberWire's Jennifer Eiben hosts the event. We are excited to share this look into the world of women in cybersecurity.


 2021-02-07  46m

episode 40: Hank Thomas and Mike Doniger, getting the specs on the cyber SPAC. [update]

In this special edition, our extended conversation with Hank Thomas and Mike Doniger from their new company SCVX. Both experienced investors, their plan is to bring a new funding mechanism known as a SPAC to cyber security which, they say, is new to the space.  February 2021 Update: we revisit the topic with guest Hank Thomas to hear the latest on SPACs.


 2021-02-16  33m

episode 41: Zero trust: a change in mindset. [Special Edition]

A conversation with Lenny Zeltser on zero trust.


 2021-05-31  15m

episode 42: Rediscover trust in cybersecurity: A women in cybersecurity podcast. [Special edition]

It's important for employees to be brought into the fold as security's allies, rather than as its adversaries. For cybersecurity teams that operate with an adversarial mindset appropriate for external threats, it can be challenging to approach internal threats differently. You can't treat employees the same way you treat nation-state hackers. But employees play a pivotal role in preventing data leaks, making it important to create a company-wide culture of transparency...


 2021-12-05  42m

episode 1164: The difference between a breach and, well, a public record. Pioneer Kitten’s lucrative bycatch. Malware gets past Gatekeeper. A gamer’s bandit economy. And happy birthday, Cyber Branch.

An election hack that wasn’t. More DDoS in New Zealand’s stock exchange. A look at how Iranian cyber contractors make money as a byproduct of cyberespionage. Malware sneeks past Apple’s notarization process. The bandit economy that’s grown up around Fortnite. Ben Yelin looks at how the upcoming US elections could direct the nation’s cybersecurity strategies. Our guest is Julian Waits from Devo with highlights from their 2nd annual SOC performance report...


 2020-09-01  22m

episode 1486: Log4j updates, including an Aquatic Panda sighting. Cyberattacks hit news services in Norway, Israel, and Portugal. Addressing Y2K22.

Aquatic Panda has been found working Log4shell exploits against an academic institution. Apache fixes new Log4j issues reported last week, and Microsoft also updates Windows Defender to address Log4j risks. Cyberattacks, criminal or hacktivist in motivation, hit news outlets around the new year. Microsoft works on fixing a Y2K22 bug in on-premise Exchange Server. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos on technology spheres of influence...


 2022-01-03  26m

episode 1487: Log4j issues persist. Konni RAT found in New Year’s greetings. Hacktivism or state-directed cyber action? Moscow worries about Mr. Klyushin’s knowledge. The Show-Me-Too-Much State.

It’s going to take time, vigilance, and attention to detail to manage the Log4j risks. A North Korean APT is trying to install the Konni RAT into Russian diplomats’ devices. More hacktivist-looking incidents follow the anniversary of Iranian General Soleimani’s death. Other, self-inflicted, software supply chain incidents. The Kremlin is said to be worried about what Mr. Klyushin might tell the Americans who’ve got him in jail...


 2022-01-04  33m

episode 1488: CISA reports progress on Log4j. The FTC warns US businesses about taking Log4j risk mitigation seriously. Gangland updates, and some notes on hybrid war.

CISA says US Federal agencies are now largely in compliance with Log4j risk mitigation guidance. The FTC issues advice and a warning on Log4j to US businesses. A skimmer is installed through cloud-delivered video. The Vice Society’s ransomware is meddling with supermarket operations in the UK. The Atlantic Council offers advice on strategy for the grey zone. Hacktivists are expected to punish greenwashing in 2022...


 2022-01-05  30m

episode 1489: Log4j and industrial control systems. Regulators consider the software supply chain. Malsmoke hits an old vulnerability. Social engineering via Google Docs. Call spoofing and robocalls.

ICS vendors address Log4j vulnerabilities. Regulators and legislators think about addressing issues in the software supply chain. Ransomware gangs were quick to exploit Log4shell. An old, and patched, Windows vulnerability is being exploited by the Malsmoke gang. Social engineering of Google Docs users is up. Mr. Klyshin pleads not guilty. Robert M. Lee from Dragos makes the case for salary transparency...


 2022-01-06  30m

episode 1490: Kazakhstan shuts down its Internet as civil unrest continues (and one consequence is a disruption of alt-coin mining in that country). More on Log4j. Ransomware hits school website provider.

Kazakhstan shuts down its Internet as civil unrest continues (and one consequence is a disruption of alt-coin mining in that country). The UK’s NHS warns of unknown threat actors exploiting Log4j bugs in unpatched VMware Horizon servers. In the US, CISA continues to assist Federal agencies with Log4j remediation, and observers call for more Government support of open-source software security. A major provider of school websites is hit with ransomware...


 2022-01-07  25m