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episode 1705: Getting tangled up in the blockchain. RDS vulnerabilities. The language of fraud. An offer of help to the G19.

Blockchains and cryptocurrency exchanges, and the risks they present. Vulnerabilities in Amazon RDS may expose PII. A study of the language of fraud. Tim Starks from Washington Post's Cybersecurity 202 on a lagging DHS cyber doomsday report. Our guest is Ashif Samnani of Cenovus Energy with insights from the world of OT cyber. And President Zelenskyy offers the benefit of Ukraine's experience with cyber warfare to the "G19”...


 November 16, 2022  25m

episode 1706: Privileged insiders and the abuse of “Oops.” Nemesis Kitten exploits Log4Shell. TrojanOrders in the holiday season. Emotet’s back. RapperBot notes. And an arrest in the Zeus cybercrime case.

Meta employees, contractors compromised customer accounts. Nemesis Kitten found in US Government network. Unpatched Magento instances hit with "TrojanOrders." Emotet has returned after three quiet months. DDoS attacks in game servers by RapperBot. Carole Theriault looks at long term lessons learned from the 2019 Capital One breach. FBI Cyber Division AD Bryan Vorndran updates us on cyber threats. And an alleged "Zeus" cybercrime boss has been arrested in Switzerland...


 November 17, 2022  25m

episode 1707: Government security advisories, and the difficulty of recovering from ransomware attacks. Authority for offensive cyber under deliberation. Google wins Glupteba suit.

CISA and its partners issue a Joint Advisory on the Hive ransomware-as-a-service operation. Ransomware continues to trouble governments, internationally and at all levels. The US Defense Department may see enhanced authority to conduct offensive cyber operations. Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure remain kinetic, as missiles show up, but cyberattacks don’t. Kevin Magee from Microsoft about leveraging cybersecurity apprentices...


 November 18, 2022  26m

episode 1708: Callback phishing offers to solve your problem (it won’t). Mustang Panda’s recent activities. DEV0569’s malvertising campaign. 10 indicted in BEC case. Developing a cyber auxiliary force.

Luna Moth's callback phishing offers an unpleasant and less familiar form of social engineering. New activity by China's Mustang Panda is reported. DEV0569 is using malvertising to distribute Royal ransomware. US indicts 10 in a business email compromise case. Developing a cyber auxiliary. Dave Bittner sits down with AJ Nash from ZeroFox to discuss holiday scams. Our own Rick Howard speaks with us about cloud security. And beware of Black Friday scams...


 November 21, 2022  24m

episode 1709: Recent criminal activity–it’s as opportunistic as ever. Cyber risk to the pharma sector. Updates on the hybrid war. Returning Cobalt Strike to the legitimate red teams.

Daixin Team claims ransomware attack against AirAsia. DraftKings users suffer credential harvesting and paycard theft. Assessing cyber risk in the US pharmaceutical industry. Killnet claims successes few others can discern. In Ukraine, kinetic attacks on IT infrastructure eclipse cyberattacks. Carole Theriault on digital echo chambers and what's in it for us. Nancy Wang from Forta's Alert Logic discusses how she is helping more young women get into the STEM field and leadership positions...


 November 22, 2022  21m

episode 1710: Watch out for abuse of pentesting tools. Cyber attack on Guadeloupe. Ducktail’s evolution. Cybersecurity for ports. ICS security advisories. And stay safe shopping during the holidays.

Another pentesting tool may soon be abused by threat actors. Cyberattack disrupts Guadeloupe. Ducktail evolves and expands. Warning of the potential disruption cyberattacks might work against European ports. CISA releases eight industrial control system advisories. Patrick Tiquet, VP of Security and Architecture at Keeper Security, talks about the FedRAMP authorization process. Bryan Vorndran of the FBI Cyber Division with reflections on ransomware...


 November 23, 2022  23m

episode 1712: DDoS as a holiday-season threat to e-commerce. TikTok challenge spreads malware. Meta's GDPR fine. US Cyber Command describes support for Ukraine's cyber defense.

DDoS as a holiday-season threat to e-commerce. A TikTok challenge spreads malware. Meta's GDPR fine. Mr. Security Answer Person John Pescatore has thoughts on phishing resistant MFA. Joe Carrigan describes Intel’s latest efforts to thwart deepfakes. And US Cyber Command describes support for Ukraine's cyber defense. For links to all of today's stories check out our CyberWire daily news briefing: Selected reading...


 November 29, 2022  24m

episode 1713: LockBit 3.0 and Punisher ransomware described. Leave that USB right in the parking lot where you found it. Killnet’s woofing. Lilac Wolverine’s big new BEC. And World Cup scams.

Has LockBit 3.0 been reverse engineered? A COVID lure contains a Punisher hook. A Chinese cyberespionage campaign uses compromised USB drives. Lilac Wolverine exploits personal connections for BEC. Killnet claims to have counted coup against the White House. Tim Starks from the Washington Post has the FCC’s Huawei restrictions and ponders what congress might get done before the year end. Our guest is Tom Eston from Bishop Fox with a look Inside the Minds & Methods of Modern Adversaries...


 November 30, 2022  25m

episode 1714: Cyberespionage, cybercrime, and patriotic hacktivism. The Heliconia framework described. Cyber risk for the telecom and healthcare sectors. Notes on the hybrid war. Predictions for 2023.

A new backdoor, courtesy of the DPRK. The Medibank breach is all over but the shouting (or, all over but the suing and the arresting). Risks and opportunities in telecom’s shift to cloud. Cyber risk in healthcare. An assessment of Russian cyber warfare. Robert M. Lee from Dragos assesses the growing value of the ICS security market. Our guest is Cecilia Seiden of TransUnion to discuss their 2022 Consumer Holiday Shopping Report. And it’s December, which means…predictions...


 December 1, 2022  29m

episode 1715: Cuba ransomware pulls in $60 million. CISA releases three ICS advisories. Google announces new support for Ukraine. DDoSing the Vatican. Google supports Ukrainian startups in wartime.

Cuba ransomware pulls in $60 million. CISA releases three ICS advisories. DDoSing the Vatican. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos on the implications of Albania cutting off diplomatic ties with Iran. Our space correspondent Maria Varmazis speaks with Brandon Bailey about Space Attack Research and Tactic Analysis matrix. And how Google supports Ukrainian startups in wartime. For links to all of today's stories check out our CyberWire daily news briefing: https://thecyberwire...


 December 2, 2022  25m