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Are you caught up in life’s troubles and don’t want to take any more of it? Do you desire an accomplished life? Do you want to develop the right mindset that drives your passion? Are you concerned about life’s deepest challenges? Or does the world look too bleak from your perspective? The Dave Pamah show seeks to revive, restore, awaken and reform your innermost capabilities. Dave connects you to a whole new view of the world, through the pockets of experiences from great minds who have thrived and toiled and have been able to see the world’s true beauty. Life is so much more, beneath the surface. And Dave’s is passionate about helping you see life in its grand form. From life’s little problems to business success tips, politics and the world’s biggest challenges, Dave wishes to awaken in you the drive to succeed. Dave Pamah’s show brings to you, explosive insights, fascinating tips, captivating interviews, mind-blowing discussions, unusual conversations and just about everything that focused on you...

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Creating Community and Connection with Tony Chatman

Tony has worked with hundreds of corporations and government agencies including the U.S. Secret Service, Chase Bank, Estée Lauder, N.O.A.A. and N.A.S.A. to help people reach new heights of effectiveness by understanding themselves and others better. As a leadership keynote speaker, his passion is contagious, and his messages provide practical, usable knowledge that people implement immediately for business and personal success...



The current and future landscape of education with Kevin Stoller

Kevin Stoller is Co-Founder and President of Kay-Twelve, a leading national distributor of educational furniture. Kay-Twelve helps schools create better learning environments. Working with hundreds of schools around the country, Kevin is passionate about helping educators think outside of the box to focus on individual student needs. Kevin earned a Master’s in Business Administration from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor’s degree from Miami University...



Overcoming adversity and making money online amid the coronavirus crisis with Arn Terry

Back in 2008 when we went through a Global Recession, Arn was NOT READY and he nearly lost everything!!!!! He was distracted but for good reason..... 2005 bought my first house with my fiancee.... 2007 married his fiancee with a honeymoon to Excellence Rivera, Cancun...... (all on LOANS!!!) he was so happy and on cloud 9, his childhood sweetheart and himself married and ready to begin their lives together, what could go wrong........



Mindfulness Tips to Reduce Anxiety During the Coronavirus Scare with Ora Nadrich

Ora Nadrich is founder and president of the Institute for Transformational Thinking and author of Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity, named in the 100 Best Mindfulness Books of All Time by BookAuthority. She is a certified life coach and mindfulness teacher, specializing in transformational thinking, self-discovery and mentoring new coaches as they develop their careers. Contact her at If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- https://ratethispodcast...



'Action - Flow - Energy - Love' - taking you from surviving to thriving with Judy Dyer

Judy, who woke up to her spiritual path 25 years ago is based in Nottingham UK (Robin Hood Country). Growing up with a lack of love she always felt that there was something missing, that she was different and felt like a square peg in a round hole. Her now highly coveted role that guides women (and men) through their own spiritual journey of healing and back to the true essence of themselves is being highly prized...



Badass Your Brand with Pia Silva

Pia is a partner and brand strategist at Worstofall Design, Author of Badass Your Brand: The Impatient Entrepreneur’s Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit, a Forbes contributor, and the host of the podcast Show Your Business Who's Boss. She offers up her unapologetic take on growing a branded, profitable service business with unfiltered stories and a lot of spunk. Website:  If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- https://ratethispodcast...



Harness the power of creativity with Nir Bashan

Nir Bashan is a world-renowned creativity expert. He has taught thousands of leaders and individuals around the globe how to harness the power of creativity to improve profitability, increase sales, and ultimately create more meaning in their work.  Nir has spent the last two decades working on a formula to codify creativity. That formula is found in The Creator Mindset, which has been translated into two languages...



Lean, Leadership, and Life with Jay Hodge

Jay’s an experienced leader and lifetime student of leadership tools and best practices who’s helping companies side-step superficial management programs and realize sustainable, process-driven results...



How Seniors Are Saving the World with BJ Kittredge

BJ Kittredge, MEd, is a retired consultant to the health care industry. Her professional career began in the public school classroom, where she taught elementary, middle, and high school. She was selected for the New Jersey Department of Education Academy for the Advancement of Teaching and Management. She served as chair of a district-wide K-12 science curriculum development project and was a Geraldine R. Dodge fellow at Wesleyan University. She is the widow of Patrick W. Kittredge, Esq...



Mom to Millionaire: Finding the Path to Financial Peace with Margaret Curlew

Margaret Curlew, PhD, is a professional, a “mompreneur” and a real estate investor. She is a specialist in income generation and wealth-building, and has mentored and contributed to the success of many individuals. Her new book is Mom to Millionaire: Finding the Path to Financial Peace (Feb. 16, 2019). Learn more at &  If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to:- and follow the simple instructions...