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The aim of this weekly podcast is to make economics easy, uncomplicated and accessible. With the world at a political, technological and financial tipping point, economics has never been so important to all of us and yet, it’s made inaccessible and complicated by so many. I’ve always thought what is complicated is rarely important and what is important is rarely complicated.That will be our motto.Every week we are going to tease out some big economic or political issue facing us, not just here in Ireland but in Europe and further afield. Globalisation has brought us all together. We all face similar challenges whether you live in Dublin, London, Minnesota or Milan.If you would like to support the show, please consider becoming a patron at

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155 - Is Cuba in the middle of a regime change

There is a wind of change in the Cuban air. The Castro family is no longer running the country and there are whispers among the locals that this might be a tipping point for the country. Let’s breakdown the current situation & the different ways th...



154- The economics of climate change, the coming resource wars and what we can do about it.

Economists are dangerous, so says this week's guest iconoclastic economist,Professor Steve Keen and this is particularly the case if we think about climate change. What can we do to avoid a climate catastrophe? Carbon credits could be the...



153 - Follow the Money: Why is the government selling the Bank of Ireland cheaply and why now?

The Irish government is trying to sell its stake in the Bank of Ireland at a half price. Selling cheap and buying expensive is never good business. We head back to the West Lower to explore the nexus between selling Bank of Ireland cheaply and...



152 - The NYtimes is wrong - Ireland is not a tax haven

Last week the New York Times took a swipe at Ireland by calling it a tax haven - which it most definitely is not. Using taxes is central to any nation's economic policy. A tax haven is understood to be a place where a company puts a brass plate up...



151 - Reimagining cities post COVID

The world is changing and nowhere is that more apparent than in urban areas around the world. Today’s episode looks at the transformations happening in our podcast home of Dun Laoghaire and use it as a template to discuss what might happen around the w...



150 - Rich Man/Poor Man with Stephanie Kelton & Marla Dukharan

Up here, in what used to be called the "1st World", the pandemic has focused economists' minds on what can be done to change our thinking after Covid has passed. M.M.T. sets out new economic opportunities  available, for example...



149 - Let’s talk Pride, is there a gay economy?

When I was a kid, being inclusive or accepting of gay people was regarded as the death knell of commerce. Today it’s an essential attribute of a successful economy or company. This week we talk about the change



148 - Is the political centre back?

We examine recent political trends and ask the question: is the centre, written off by the extremes, back in the game & And if so, what does it mean?



147 - The housing market by the numbers

We're slowly but surely coming to the boiling point of the housing market, but as we do so it's important to step back and understand the magnitude of the mess we're in. Join us this week as we quantify the booms & busts of the last ...


 2021-06-24  33m

146 - The Great Caste War

Elections all over the world are now power struggles between "castes", not so much classes, ideologies or even economics. We look at economic history as being one on going struggle between three castes, the priests, the warriors and the merch...


 2021-06-22  37m