The Debug Log

Welcome to The Debug Log, a podcast about game development. Hosts Andrew, Obinna, Zack, Ryan, and Eduardo are all professional game developers. From games for health care to AAA mobile games, these guys have experienced it all and have the scars to prove it. That being said, this is not your typical developer podcast. The Debug Log balances in-depth discussions and interviews with a casual and wry sense of humor. Aiming to be both entertaining and informative, the show targets developers of all skill levels. Whether you’re just getting started or have several games under your belt, you’re sure to find something of value. Join them each week as they deep dive into the evolving world of game development.

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episode 111: Episode 111: Roblox IPO, NFTs, and Cyberpunk Drama

Ryan and Obinna explain Roblox to Andrew while the whole gang tries to understand the weird new world of NFTs with a deep dive into the Cyberpunk drama that has played out over the past few months.



episode 110: Episode 110: Best Practices in Remote Game Development

So after a long, hard talk with a couple of GenZ-ers, we decided to move from only-audio podcasts to both audio and video podcast recordings! This episode marks the first video edit of The Debug Log. Our goal is to post both the audio and visual versions of each episode on our various streaming services (i.e. Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and now YouTube). We look forward to diving deep into this new medium and hope you all bear with us as we evolve and refine our video podcast format...


 2021-03-10  1h7m

episode 109: Episode 109: The Rise of Live Games

From patches and updates, to seasonal content and daily challenges, the ubiquity of live games has grown exponentially in the internet age. What started as an easy way to fix a released game, has grown into 50GB day-one patches and years of expanded content. While the promise of an ever-changing game can be enticing, not all live games are created equal...


 2021-02-09  56m

episode 108: Episode 108: Epic vs. Apple

Clash of the Titans! Not only is it an objectively great 80's movie, it is also what you could call the current climate between Apple and Epic. Platforms are a tricky business. You need developers making software for your platform to make money, but you also need the developers to be happy with the platform and make money...


 2020-09-15  1h5m

episode 107: Episode 107: Black Lives Matter

Pandemics go beyond just disease and viruses. They have the capacity to sneak into the core of our being, society, and yes -- our game industry. The pandemic of racial inequality is at the forefront of the discussion today, which comes at the heels of the latest surge of the Black Lives Matter movement. We would be doing our Debug Log community a disservice if we did not talk about the current political and cultural stage as it relates (and has influenced) the game industry...


 2020-06-25  1h22m

episode 106: Episode 106: Under Quarantine

It's not very often that one is aware they are living through history as it happens. 2020 will always remembered as the year we all went into quarantine. Covid-19 has swept across and countries and cultures, changing our lives in ways we could not have imagined just a few months ago. In this episode we check-in we each other and discuss the various ways this pandemic has affected the game industry at large...


 2020-04-14  54m

episode 105: Episode 105: Let's Talk Tech Art

Like the complexities of for loops, switch statements, and allocating memory? Or, do you fancy getting the pixels to look just right on screen? Can't choose?! Well, lucky you, this episode and interview with Technical Artists Andrea Bobick and Razvan Luta is tailor made for you! In this episode we break down what technical art is, what Technical Artist do in their day-to-day, and how the role has evolved in the industry over the years.


 2020-03-11  1h0m

episode 104: Episode 104: Designing for VR & AR Games

In this week's episode, we talk to Mira Marquez and Kenneth Woodruff about designing for VR and AR applications! Our guests join Ryan and Obinna to talk design for this new medium. The group jumps into discussions that dive into the challenges associated with designing for VR/AR as well as offer some insights into the future of design as it relates to mix reality applications.


 2020-02-18  1h10m

episode 103: Episode 103: Gaming Horizons

New year, next gen! In this week’s episode Obinna, Andrew, and Ryan discuss the future of gaming in the next year. As some of you may already know there are some big changes coming for the industry next year. The big players have their next generation hardware ready to go for the holidays and streaming cloud services is on everyone’s agenda. We discuss all this as well as some other interesting developments in the industry...


 2020-02-04  1h16m

Episode 102: Developing Games for the Cloud

Everyone has been talking about the cloud… so, we figured we should too! In this week’s episode, we bring in another former Sprocketeer and backend server engineer, Tyler Ohlsen to talk about his experience when developing for the cloud and some of the tools, services, and concepts needed to begin developing games for the cloud. We try out a quick exercise that illustrates how Tyler breaks down and thinks about certain problems as it relates to designing for the cloud.


 2019-11-06  57m