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The Deep Dark Truth Podcast is searching for the truth behind the internet's favorite conspiracies, mysteries and true crime cases. ????Hosted by Moe, Chip & Mikey. We're here and we're queer and its time for murder. Line 313.355.3411

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The Disturbing Death of Jacob Landin

Baby Jacob Landin was being babysat by his mother Brenda’s boyfriend when he unexpectedly passed away. It would be years before the family suspected anything other than an accident and decades before they learned of an arrest and confession. Despite...



Ghost Sex| Valentine's Special

Moe, Chip & Mikey are back on their bullsh*t discussing sexual ghost encounters, celebs that have had them and some light discussion of incubi & succubi. Patreon, Merch, Socials & Sources- The Wife of "MJ The...



The Disappearance of Lauren Spierer

Mikey, Moe & Chip discuss the disappearance of Lauren Spierer, a 20 year old college student at Indiana University, as well as the most widely distributed theories in her case. Find Lauren- Socials, Sources, Merch &...




Socials, Merch, Patreon & Sources - 2021 Listener Survey-


 2021-01-19  3m

International Cryptids 2

Moe, Chip & Mikey chat about cryptids from countries they have recently charted in. Featuring: Czech Republic - Ireland - Japan - Turkey - Great Britain -UAE -Germany- Canada & Israel 2021 SURVEY THE OGOPOGO...


 2021-01-06  41m

Justice| Egypt Covington

Moe, Mikey and Chip delve into the case of Egypt Covington, whose family has worked tirelessly to get justice for her, even as other family members disagreed with their methods.  Featuring her brother D’Wayne Turner and his fiance Lindsay Ann.  ...


 2020-12-22  53m

Listener Req #2 | Georgia Guidestones, Marianas Trench, Monolith

Moe, Chip & Mikey cover conspiracies and topics sent in to the tip line (313.355.3411) . The Georgia Guidestones, Mariana's Trench Conspiracies, Monoliths & Immortal Celebs. Sources, Merch, Socials- 1m: Monoliths...


 2020-12-09  53m

The Murders of Scott Lilly & Chad Austin

Moe, Mikey & Chip delve into the murders of Scott Lilly & Chad Austin. Scott Lilly was section hiking the AT in 2011, when he was tragically murdered. Chad Austin's car was found abandoned with his dog in it in the Panther Falls Area before his body...


 2020-11-24  40m

The Phoenix Lights

Moe, Chip & Mikey talk about The Phoenix Lights. 10 year old Moe refuses to except defeat.  Submit to us! Call/Text 313.355.3411 or -CHECK OUT OUR SPONSOR- Code POD Sources, Merch, Patreon & Socials-...


 2020-11-10  42m

Halloween| Listener Paranormal Experiences

Moe, Chip & Mikey listen to and discuss spooky listener submissions. Submit to us! Call/Text 313.355.3411 or -CHECK OUT OUR SPONSOR- Code POD Submission 1- April, ( 1400: Are...


 2020-10-31  52m