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The Deep Dark Truth Podcast is searching for the truth behind the internet's favorite conspiracies, mysteries and true crime cases. ????Hosted by Moe, Chip & Mikey. We're here and we're queer and its time for murder. Line 313.355.3411

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The Death of Kira Seymour

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Kira Seymour, who was shot and killed while in the home of her six week old daughters father. Featuring a roundtable discussion on domestic violence with her cousin Nicole Seymour. National Domestic...



The St. Aubin Street Massacre

Benny Evangelist and his entire family were murdered on the night of July 3rd, 1929. Were Benny's ties to the occult to blame or perhaps a friendship or business venture gone sour? Socials, Sources & More: Thank...



For Everyone Except Jake Gyllenhaal

Welcome to Bloopers 8! Socials, Patreon, Sources & Merch:



Halloween Murders & Myths

Chip debunks some of the myths and stereotypes surrounding Halloween by discussing 3 very distinct true crime cases. Timestamps below! Socials, Sources, Patreon & Merch- Timestamps 1 M- Yoshihiro Hattori 6:45 M-...


 2021-10-31  24m

Blood Series| The Vampire Serial Rapist

In part two of the series, Mikey talks about The Vampire Serial Rapist and his crimes as well as other potential victims. **Graphic Content** Socials, Sources, Patreon & Merch:


 2021-10-20  23m

Blood Series| Elizabeth Bathory

Mikey is ready for Halloween and is kicking off The Blood Series with this episode on Hungarian nobelwoman and infamous serial killer Elizabeth Bathory. Is there a chance she was framed? Socials, Sources & More:


 2021-10-13  31m

Updates| Gabby Petito

Updates concerning the murder of Gabby Petito as well as the search for Brian Laundrie, including a new 911 call by an Appalachian Trail hiker, Dr. Phil interview and more. SEND TIPS TO 1800CALLFBI - You can remain anonymous. Support the Gabby...


 2021-10-08  31m

West Virginia| Indrid Cold

In part three of our West Virginia series we discuss Indrid Cold (The Grinning Man) and the report that made it into the Project Bluebook files as well as revisit links throughout the entire series. Thank You to todays sponsor, Hello Fresh! Go to...


 2021-10-04  34m

Developing| Gabby Petito

A brief timeline of what we know so far concerning Gabby Petito. This is a developing story, and as such information is only as accurate as current news sources. If something is missing or needs corrected feel free to contact us at...


 2021-09-20  32m

West Virginia| The Men In Black

In part two of our West Virginia series we discuss the Men in Black, their possible origins and their connection to Point Pleasant West Virginia during the time of the Mothman sightings. Government agents or false flag operation? Let's talk about it!...


 2021-09-14  44m