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The Digiday Podcast is a weekly show where we discuss the big stories and issues that matter to brands, agencies and publishers as they transition to the digital age.

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On The Glossy Podcast: Spring CEO Alan Tisch

Glossy is a new publication from Digiday Media that will chart the seismic activity tearing through the fashion and luxury space, and this is the inaugural episode from the Glossy Podcast which features the people making change happen in the fashion...


 2016-05-04  32m

The New Yorker’s Nicholas Thompson: ‘You have to be good at the beginning’

On the Digiday Podcast, The New Yorker’s digital editor Nick Thompson discussed the high bar on quality a legacy publication has in digital media. That means it can’t do things unless they’re “really good.” His goal is to maintain the same...


 2016-04-29  37m

Mashable chief content officer Greg Gittrich on why Mashable abandoned general news coverage

Mashable is in the throes of major change. A little over a week ago, the company reshuffled its executive ranks and shifted directions away from covering general news. Newly installed chief content officer Greg Gittrich visits the Digiday Podcast to...


 2016-04-22  39m

The Economist’s Paul Rossi on the need for balanced revenue models for media

The Economist has stuck to its knitting and remained focused on a subscription model, aided by advertising. That’s appearing a prescient bet, as ad-dependent publishers that bet on giant audiences are now facing challenges. Paul Rossi, president...


 2016-04-15  38m

Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith on the risks of chasing scale in media

As far as media conglomerates go, it does not get bigger than Bloomberg Media. With the platform era in full swing, the strategy behind Bloomberg’s next phase will be driven by multi-directional goals. Justin Smith, CEO, Bloomberg Media. Brian...


 2016-04-13  31m

CNET’s Eric Johnson: Focus is what wins in media

CNET is now over two decades old. It doesn’t see itself as a stodgy legacy brand, according to Eric Johnson, general manager of CNET’s media group. CNET recently started a 15-person autos brand, Roadshow, following the launch of a magazine...


 2016-04-08  36m

Food52’s Bridget Williams: The scale era in media is waning

Food52’s Bridget Williams joins the Digiday Podcast to discuss why scale is often overrated in digital media. At Food52, the Business Insider veteran is trying to build the “anti-Business Insider” that ignores scale in favor of a...


 2016-04-01  30m

Atlas Obscura's David Plotz on building distinctive media brands in the age of platforms

David Plotz is a digital media veteran, dating back to when he joined Slate in 1996. Now the CEO of Atlas Obscura, Plotz is focused on building a differentiated media brand around the idea that everyone’s an explorer of the world. That’s...


 2016-03-25  33m

BuzzFeed vet Jon Steinberg on why his new video venture won't rely on ads

Jon Steinberg is no stranger to advertising, having built BuzzFeed’s ad business and operating as the CEO of Daily Mail in North America. But for his new venture, video streaming service Cheddar, Steinberg is not relying on advertising for the...


 2016-03-18  35m

Slate’s Keith Hernandez: Being all-in on platforms isn’t feasible for most publishers

Slate’s been around for 20 years. With 115 people, it is a midsize publisher in a digital media world where scale is often emphasized. Slate president Keith Hernandez believes publishers that don’t have limitless resources need to make...


 2016-03-11  37m