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The mission of the Dr. Gundry Podcast is to help you live your best life — mind, body and soul — by empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need. Dr. Gundry interviews some of the world's leading health experts to glean life-changing insights and offers cutting-edge wellness advice during his topical lectures.

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Expensive urine, or total game-changer?

Dr. Hector Lopez and I reveal the shocking truth about many of the supplements on the market, share insider tips for choosing the highest-quality supplements, and discuss the amazing new compound discovered by Dr. Lopez himself that can...


 2021-05-07  53m

Dr. Gundry explains: What are POSTbiotics?

You might not have heard of them yet, but postbiotics (yes, that's POST-biotics) are one of the most powerful ways to transform your health and energy levels. On today's episode, I'm going to explain why they're maybe the...


 2021-05-03  40m

Dr. Mercola + Dr. Gundry - the most controversial episode yet? | Ep152

Dr. Mercola and I discuss the evidence surrounding the origins, impacts, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19. We also share how you and your loved ones can best support your long-term health. Full transcript and show notes:...


 2021-04-27  46m

Eat fat and carbs (like this!)

Dr. Arthur Agatston, cardiologist and creator of the famous South Beach Diet, chats with me about how the diet has evolved, the pros and cons of keto, why salt is NOT always your enemy, what's REALLY raising your blood sugar levels,...


 2021-04-19  51m

Your phone, your health (and 5G)

Art Calenge, founder and CEO of protective clothing company Lambs, joins me to talk about the dangers of EMFs, the truth about 5G, and the 4 simple things YOU can do today to start protecting yourself and your family from wireless radiation....


 2021-04-16  49m

What’s in Dr. Gundry’s fruit bowl?

I share a few of my favorite fruits (and WHY I love them so much), easy tips for eating fruit in moderation, and what it really means to eat your fruit "in season" (it's a little more complicated than you think!). Full transcript...


 2021-04-12  19m

Revealed: the biggest keto mistakes

Naomi Whittel, best-selling author of Glow15, joins me to discuss her keto diet journey and her brand new book, High Fiber Keto. You'll learn how a modified keto diet could help YOU lose weight, shrink body fat, lower blood sugar, and...


 2021-04-05  56m

THIS is the key to better decision making

Coach Mike Bayer and I discuss how YOU can start making better decisions, find your purpose, improve your mental health and relationships, and even help you make more money. Full transcript and show notes: This...


 2021-04-02  36m

Eat MORE foods, worry LESS

Tim Spector, best-selling author of The Diet Myth and Spoon-Fed and Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King's College London, joins me to discuss why so many so-called "diet truths" are ANYTHING but. Tim's also going to...


 2021-03-29  56m

Worse than cigarettes? (this will surprise you)

I talk with Marta Zaraska, a science journalist and author of the book "Growing Young", about ways you can maximize your lifespan in easy, practical, and unexpected ways. Full transcript and show notes: This


 2021-03-22  57m