The Dungeoneers Podcast

A group of friends get together to have fun and play a tabletop rpg game. Action adventure and hilarity ensue.

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235 - Corona Cast 3 - Video Games

Mike, Ross, Heather and Nathan get together and get nostalgic about some of their favorite video games ever. Join them as they reminisce about old Atari games and obscure titles that only Ross has heard of. Starring Mike Robertson, Ross Harris,...


 2020-06-26  1h24m

234 - Tacomack

The party arrives in Neyor and are confronted at the pier. However finding themselves outmatched their attackers instead pass on some information about where the cult went and what happened leading the party to decide to head straight to the city of...


 2020-06-19  1h0m

233 - Dimensions

While traveling the long sea journey to Neyor, the Spitfires are surprised by the disappearance of one of their own and the arrival of a mysterious stranger who seems to know all of them. But with time growing short to save the day, will this new ally...


 2020-06-12  58m

232 - Rock Magic

The dwarves of Team Ramrod venture underground to try to recover their captain. Soon they find that they need to band together and be on their game to combat what lies in the shadows in the thrilling conclusion to the Dorfin Dorfindor flashback....


 2020-06-05  1h7m

231 - Team Ramrod

We flashback to a recurring dream of Dorfin Dorfindor, where he is a member of the dwarven military in his squad Team Ramrod. The dwarves travel to the town of Birch Haven, where the struggling lumber industry is the least of their worries. Starring...


 2020-05-29  1h0m

230 - Load Bearing Bones

The Spitfires search the Marrowblight's hut before heading back to town. But traveling in the desert they find themselves in trouble as an ambush shows their problems with the Corpse Fleet might just be getting started. Starring Mike Robertson(Big...


 2020-05-22  1h7m

229 - The Marrowblight's Garden

The Spitfires venture out into the desert to hunt down the mysterious Marrowblight. But will the punishing conditions put them in bad shape for the danger that awaits? Starring Mike Robertson(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Ross Harris(Dorfin Dorfindor),...


 2020-05-15  1h17m

228 - Spicy Flesh Golem

Following a lead to the Fleshworks factory, the Spitfires look into a missing vat worth of flesh. The situation seems to get weirder and weirder as they gather evidence and follow a trail heading toward the surface. But what's really going on here?...


 2020-05-08  1h2m

227 - Gretal Rapinter and the Bad Roommate

The Spitfires follow the Corpse Fleet lead to talk to Gretal Rapinter and arrive as usual to some trouble. In their own way they manage to make lemonade out of lemons and come away with a new target to look into. But where is this new threat and where...


 2020-05-01  1h3m

226 - Ghoul Bureaucracy

The Spitfires arrive in the usual drow country of Eox where they chase down some leads on the Corpse Fleet and battle something truly frustrating: waiting for their turn. But will they get their baring after meeting with the Ministry of Eternal...


 2020-04-24  1h2m