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A group of friends get together to have fun and play a tabletop rpg game. Action adventure and hilarity ensue.

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177 - High Fi-Latin

The party continues to open crypts with mixed results searching for the holy symbol. They then return to the boulder mansion to prepare for hopefully their final trip to Strahd's castle. But can they really prepare for what lies ahead? Starring Joe...



176 - Mind Your Own Butt

The Aristocrats continue to search the crypt of Strahd for the last piece of the puzzle, the holy symbol of ravenkind. While they find other helpful or at least interesting items, they also are forced to battle several of the crypt tenants with the...



175 - Sik-Valoo and the Three Faced King

After helping the mad wizard Mordenkainen find some clarity, the Aristocrats are transported to the tombs under Castle Ravenloft to search for the last piece to get them ready to battle Strahd. Exploring the many nooks of the catacomb, they find a lot...



174 - Wizard-sketti

After a tense standoff, the Aristocrats are entertained by the wizard Mordenkainen in his secret rock house. They try figure out his madness and also look for souvenirs before they have to head after the next piece to the Stradt puzzle. Starring Joe...



173 - Fireball Wiggle

Racing to help their fallen ally, the party battles the witch Baba Lysaga. They find the Book of Stradt and return to the winery to get clues for the next piece of the puzzle: a mad wizard on the other side of the lake. They venture off, wondering if...


 2019-04-18  1h1m

172 - For the Nineties

Having found the sun sword finally, the Aristocrats decide its time to leave the abbey. Unfortunately they must bid a sad fairwell to their new friend Durniden before seeking out the witch in the sunken city of Berez. While they seem to get off to a...


 2019-04-12  1h11m

171 - Wine & Blanket Forts

The party takes a self guided tour of the abbey and fails stupendously on their mandate to not touch anything. While they are sure that the sun sword is somewhere on the property, the longer they are there, the more the goal turns into swiping things...


 2019-04-05  1h0m

170 - Plaid Makes Me Mad

The party investigates the Abbey of Saint Markovia and finds that the Abbot has been busy with some weird experiments. They are however puzzled by his seemingly decent welcoming demeanor as they get a tour of his monstrosities and hear about his plan...


 2019-03-28  1h2m

169 - Horde of One

The Aristocrats with the assistance of Durnigan continue to try to battle the ent and while they make progress for good, Rusty is put in a bad place again. Looking for a place to recover and for information about Durnigan's brother, they travel to...


 2019-03-21  1h7m

168 - Blood Light

The party having arrived at Yesterhill race to take down a giant beast summoned by the green mages before it can rampage through the countryside. A familiar enemy makes his return to watch the festivities. Starring Joe Young(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Mike...


 2019-03-15  1h1m