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My name is Austin Brawner, and my purpose is to help eCommerce entrepreneurs build wealth and live more fulfilled lives. You can expect weekly interviews with world-class eCommerce operators, deep dives into what's working right now, and a refreshing break from the "crush-it culture" plaguing our industry. This podcast will change your perspective on building a business, and, hopefully, change your life.

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332: BIG Opportunities for Ecommerce in NFTs: Web3 Series Part 2

We’re looking out to the (near) future at some very creative opportunities for eCommerce in NFTs. These ideas could help circumvent some of the margin pressure and economic challenges brands are facing today.  This episode features Taylor...



331: Where Are Your Customers Really Coming From? Using Post-Purchase Surveys to Reveal True Attribution

Was Facebook ever really performing as well as we thought - or was our attribution model just wrong? A post-purchase survey will tell you where people are actually hearing about your brand.  If you're spending money on Facebook you know it's...



330: Cryptocurrency & DeFi 101 with Nat Eliason: Web3 Series Part 1

Cryptocurrency is the financial system of the future. Ready or not it’s coming and as an eCommerce founder, there are opportunities you could be taking advantage of now.  This episode is part of a series on cryptocurrency and decentralized...



329: From SWAT to CEO: Lessons on Native Ads, Long-Form Copy and Testing Without Fear

You might be surprised how lessons learned from over a decade on a SWAT team apply to building a highly successful lifestyle brand.  Todd Lamb, CEO of , was a police officer for 17 years, as a SWAT team leader and then canine officer. When his...



328: Building a Brand: How Crossnet Went from 2 Sales/Month to 8-Figures

Would you quit your day job and move to Miami to sell your new product while playing on the beach? Sounds like a dream and this founder made it a reality, with a lot of hard work, motivation and talent.  This episode’s guest is Chris Meade, the...



327: What’s Working Right Now: Email Capture Strategies to Increase Conversion

How is your pop-up game? Email capture strategies to increase conversion are one of the single most important things you can do to grow your eCommerce business and if you’re using the same old “discount for email” strategy you’re missing out...


 2021-10-26  30m

326: Selling with Video Sales Letters and How to Build a Business You Actually Enjoy

If you hate what you’re doing - can you stop doing it? How can you stay engaged and keep your business ventures fun? Plus, using video sales letters for viral launches. Andrew Drish is a good friend and we have spent countless hours talking about...


 2021-10-19  52m

325: Austin Shares: Prepping for Paid Social in Q4, NFT Opportunities & the Energy Crisis in China

We’ve all been saying it - the world is crazy right now. So - I’m sharing what’s top of mind for me going into Q4 and 2022 including the very real energy crisis in China, opportunities to make 6+ figures flipping NFTs, and what the heck to do...


 2021-10-12  14m

324: Expert Tips to Increase Sales, Boost Conversion Rate, and Crush BFCM

What could you do to make your website better, your ads stronger, and ultimately increase sales? Try one of these expert tips from an agency owner who’s interviewed over 150 eCommerce founders and marketers. Chase Clymer is the host of the podcast...


 2021-10-05  44m

323: From Brick & Mortar to Ecommerce: How One Woman Doubled Her Business During the Pandemic

The pandemic forced many owners to shift from brick and mortar to eCommerce. Some succeeded, and some did not.  Today’s guest was one of the successful -- she doubled her brick and mortar business revenue in 2020 by implementing Shopify,...


 2021-09-28  42m