The Ecommerce Influence Podcast: Advanced Acquisition and Retention Strategies for Fast-Growing Online Brands

Ecommerce Influence is a podcast for the ecommerce business owner and online marketing executive. We have candid conversations with masters of ecommerce marketing and branding, and provide training and strategies to that help you convert more of your visitors to paying customers. Topics include lead capture, email marketing, shopping cart abandonment, conversion rate optimization, business automation, analytics and more.



180: How To Set Goals That Will Leave You More Fulfilled

In 2018, I radically changed my approach to setting goals and running my business. As we enter a New Year, I wanted to put together an episode focused on how to set goals that will leave you more fulfilled. Instead of setting massive goals, I ask...



179: Making A Comeback After The Google Medic Update

The Google Medic update a few months ago caused a big upset for many people in the ecommerce space. Our guest today, Nat Eliason, is an expert in content marketing and SEO, and he shares his insights into what happened, the outcome, and why he thinks...



178: You Are Treating Your Customers Equally (And Its Costing You Money)

Today, we’ve got an excellent interview with Wharton Professor and entrepreneur Peter Fader. He's a two-time guest. We wanted to bring Peter back on the show because he’s an expert in customer lifetime value and customer centricity. How do you...



177: The 2018 Holiday Advertising Roundup: What Worked and What We Learned

If You’ve Been Listening To This Show For The Last Few Months, You’ve Heard Us Make Predictions About How To Approach Q4 Advertising. Many of those predictions worked out well. Others, not as much. There were a TON of Facebook bugs this year that...



176: How One Skincare Guru Built A Thriving Business By Focusing On Her Fans

For over 12 years, Jeana LeClerc has been operating two businesses. She’s owned a local spa in Redding, CA and sold skin care products on Her business has grown and changed over the last decade, but her commitment to her customers...


 2018-12-11  41m

175: Amazon Attribution, List Cleaning, FB Ads ROI?: Our Top Questions Answered

Today’s episode is a little bit different, in a good way. We've had some great questions recently in the Brand Growth Experts Membership. They were so good we decided to answer some of them for you guys who are the listeners. We answer questions...


 2018-12-04  30m

174: Why You Should Stop Organizing and Build a Second Brain

If Someone Looked Under The Hood Of Your Business, What Would They Find? If you hired someone new today, would they be able to easily access the information they need to get the job done? Or would they be sifting through a clutter of files, or, worse...


 2018-11-27  46m

173: The Five Step Process To Optimize Your Facebook Ad Account

One of the most common questions Andrew gets from his clients is: how do I optimize my Facebook ad account? Today he talks about RCAB-P, his five-step process for optimizing and improving Facebook ads. We'll cover the number one thing you need to...


 2018-11-20  30m

172: What's Working On Facebook Messenger Right Now

What if you could make more money in a single day than your business previously made in its entire lifetime? That's what happened for Mark Arruda last August, typically his company's slowest month. Mark, owner and CEO of Constantly Varied Gear,...


 2018-11-13  45m

171: The One Where Austin Tells How He Got Here

Earlier this week Andrew shared his story, and now we’re turning the tables. Today I talk about how I went from pursuing a career in investment banking to realizing I wanted to become an entrepreneur and eventually starting Ecommerce Influence....


 2018-11-08  37m