The Ecommerce Influence Podcast: Advanced Acquisition and Retention Strategies for Fast-Growing Online Brands

Ecommerce Influence is a podcast for the ecommerce business owner and online marketing executive. We have candid conversations with masters of ecommerce marketing and branding, and provide training and strategies to that help you convert more of your visitors to paying customers. Topics include lead capture, email marketing, shopping cart abandonment, conversion rate optimization, business automation, analytics and more.

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229: How this stereotype-busting business raised $215K in less than 48 hours

Who says girls can’t wear dinosaur dresses? Rebecca Melsky was frustrated when the only patterns she could find for her daughter were pink and flowery. Where were the rocket ships and trucks for girls? In 2013 she teamed up with her friend Eva to...



BONUS: Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 Recap

We've got a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday BONUS episode for you today. Andrew saw down with Alex Afterman of 11:11 Digital, Deirdre Kelly and Terry Whalen of Sum Digital, Kurt Bullock of Product Department and Paul Fairbrother of...



228: The Things We Hate Episode

Today we’re taking a break from our normal programming to go on a short rant about things we hate in the ecommerce industry. We want to shed light on some of the frustrating things we’ve come across over the years to help you keep your sanity as...



227: How Supply Went from Startup to Shark Tank

While it may only take a great idea to start a business, it takes a heck of a lot of hard work to build a successful one. Five years ago Patrick Coddou was unhappily working at his corporate job when he had an idea, spurred by personal passion and...



226: Are You Spending Too Much On Advertising?

Two common questions I get from clients are: How much should I spend on advertising and what is a good return on ad spend? Andrew and I are tackling these questions today by breaking down the calculations you need to do to determine what a good ROAS...



225: From T-Shirt Company to Lifestyle Brand (All While Saving the Turtles)

As he sat down at his desk on the first day at his first post-college job he thought, “The cubicle life just isn’t for me.” If you’re an entrepreneur, I would venture to bet you’ve had a similar thought at some point along the way. Today...



224: How to Prepare for the Future of Facebook Advertising

Due to Facebook’s influence, your website is less and less often the first place potential customers learn about your brand. We don’t see this changing anytime soon. In fact, Facebook’s already moving to on-site checkout, removing the need to...


 2019-11-05  20m

223: Are You Addicted to Your Business? The Truth about Entrepreneurial Burnout

You look up at the clock and realize you’ve been working for 14 hours. You’ve still got a dozen more emails to respond to before you can go home, maybe spend a little time with your family, then get 4 hours of sleep and start the cycle again the...


 2019-10-29  46m

222: How to Survive Q4 Without Losing Your Mind

We’re in the midst of the busiest time of year for eCommerce. Will Q4 craziness get the best of you, or will you come out on the other side with your sanity intact? Today we’re sharing five tips that will help you keep you from losing your mind...


 2019-10-22  23m

221: Secrets of a Facebook Superstar: How this 24-Yr-Old CMO Doubled His Business in Less than a Year

What if you could double your business with Facebook over the next year? That’s exactly what happened for Oral Essentials when they doubled-down on their FB advertising and focused on scaling up. Oral Essentials CMO, Justin Maddahi, joins us today...


 2019-10-15  42m