The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

After more than a decade, Star Trek returns to television! The seventh small-screen voyage of Gene Roddenberry’s creation takes us to a time before Kirk and Spock for a mission on the edge of Federation space. The Edge,’s dedicated Star Trek: Discovery podcast, explores the creative and cultural history of the legendary franchise each week, and charts the development of this new adventure leading up to the launch of the CBS All Access / Netflix show. Once the ship leaves spacedock on September 24, The Edge will bring you commentary, analysis, and fun throughout the week!

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episode 77: Look, Here’s a Bomb! Call Me Mom!

The Rise, Fall, and Rise of L’Rell. We discuss the tumultuous journey of L’Rell, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. What are her motivations? Do they change throughout the first two seasons?


 2019-08-30  1h13m

episode 76: Too Jarring

Short Treks Retrospective. We discuss the importance and impact of “Runaway,” “Calypso,” “The Brightest Star,” and “The Escape Artist” by how important we believe they are to the plot of Star Trek: Discovery Season Two.


 2019-08-18  45m

episode 75: The First Thing I Think Of

Captains of Discovery. We discuss the leadership and command styles of each captain we have seen during the first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery.


 2019-07-27  1h10m

episode 74: Sarek’s Responsibility

Sarek, Amanda, and Spock’s Family. We discuss the dynamics of the multicultural family and Sarek’s great experiment of raising half-human children to become perfect Vulcans.


 2019-07-13  56m

episode 73: That’s Only Evolution in the Pokémon Sense

Biology in Discovery. We delve into the mycelial network and its inhabitants, the JahSepp, the yeel tree and the mycelium itself. We also explore the tardigrade, the gormagander, and the Kelpiens.


 2019-07-06  1h18m

episode 72: A Hint of TOS

Captain Pike. We explore the surprise gem of Star Trek: Discovery season two and why Anson Mount’s portrayal made the little-known predecessor to James T. Kirk a fan favorite.


 2019-06-15  51m

episode 71: Goodbye Burnout

Season Two Recap. Looking back at Discovery’s sophomore outing as a whole, we discuss the arc of the Red Angel, what it means for the timeline, and try to clarify the purpose of the time jumps.


 2019-06-01  1h5m

episode 71: P40: That Apple Never Existed

Fan Response to Season Two We discuss all the feedback we’ve received from listeners of The Edge—both positive and negative!


 2019-05-11  1h21m

episode 70: T33: Such Sweet Sorrow (Part II) Commentary

Commentary Track. Mike Schindler is joined by Max Hegel to bring you a commentary for the Star Trek: Discovery season-two finale, “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part II.”


 2019-04-28  1h14m

episode 70: They Just Run around the Ship

Such Sweet Sorrow, Part II. We discuss the season-two finale, including the battle with Leland, closing the time loop, and the seventh red signal. Plus, we share a few predictions for season three.


 2019-04-27  1h17m