The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

After more than a decade, Star Trek returns to television! The seventh small-screen voyage of Gene Roddenberry’s creation takes us to a time before Kirk and Spock for a mission on the edge of Federation space. The Edge,’s dedicated Star Trek: Discovery podcast, explores the creative and cultural history of the legendary franchise each week, and charts the development of this new adventure leading up to the launch of the CBS All Access / Netflix show. Once the ship leaves spacedock on September 24, The Edge will bring you commentary, analysis, and fun throughout the week!

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episode 5: L1: The Vulcan Hello / Battle at the Binary Stars

Live Reaction Show: The Vulcan Hello / Battle at the Binary Stars. Join us for immediate reactions to the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery as the story unfolds!


 2017-09-26  1h8m

episode 12: What Did We Just See?

Publisher’s Thoughts on Discovery. On the eve of the new series premiere,’s creator and publisher beams in for a final speculative discussion of the timeline, props, uniforms, Klingons, and everyone’s favorite C word: canon.


 2017-09-22  1h16m

episode 4: P4: The P Word

Enterprise Fan Response. The announcement that the fourth Star Trek spinoff, Enterprise, would be a prequel to TOS was met with skepticism by many fans. We walk down Memory Lane with them.


 2017-09-21  47m

episode 11: He Calls It His Office, But It’s a Ready Room

The Orville Live Reaction Show. We provide live reactions as we watch the first episode of Seth MacFarlane’s comedic take on Gene Roddenberry’s utopian future.


 2017-09-15  1h6m

episode 3: P3: Adventurous New Show

Voyager Fan Response. We look back at the launch of Voyager and discuss fans memories of the announcement that a third Star Trek spinoff would run concurrently with Deep Space Nine.


 2017-09-14  35m

episode 10: The Women!

The Cage Commentary. One of the biggest influences on Discovery from inside the established canon seems to be the original Star Trek pilot. We provide a commentary for the episode that helped shape the new TV series.


 2017-09-08  1h25m

episode 2: P2: Born into Star Trek

Mailbag Show: DS9 Response. When Deep Space Nine was announced, it introduced some significant changes to the classic Star Trek formula and raised fan concerns. We discuss that initial reaction.


 2017-09-07  42m

episode 9: That’s from Game of Thrones

The Klingons. They’re one of the most recognized races in Star Trek, and their inclusion in Discovery has stirred up debate. We discuss how they’ve changed over the past 50 years and what the new show might bring.


 2017-09-02  47m

episode 1: P1: Picard Was My Man, Of Course

TNG Response. When Star Trek: The Next Generation was announced, fans doubted that another series could capture the magic of the original. We discuss that initial reaction.


 2017-08-31  33m

episode 8: Postcards from the Edge

Discovery Response. A month before launch, we share and discuss feedback from fans about their hopes and fears about the next Star Trek series.


 2017-08-25  55m