The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

After more than a decade, Star Trek returns to television! The seventh small-screen voyage of Gene Roddenberry’s creation takes us to a time before Kirk and Spock for a mission on the edge of Federation space. The Edge,’s dedicated Star Trek: Discovery podcast, explores the creative and cultural history of the legendary franchise each week, and charts the development of this new adventure leading up to the launch of the CBS All Access / Netflix show. Once the ship leaves spacedock on September 24, The Edge will bring you commentary, analysis, and fun throughout the week!

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episode 9: That’s from Game of Thrones

The Klingons. They’re one of the most recognized races in Star Trek, and their inclusion in Discovery has stirred up debate. We discuss how they’ve changed over the past 50 years and what the new show might bring.


 2017-09-02  47m

episode 1: P1: Picard Was My Man, Of Course

TNG Response. When Star Trek: The Next Generation was announced, fans doubted that another series could capture the magic of the original. We discuss that initial reaction.


 2017-08-31  33m

episode 8: Postcards from the Edge

Discovery Response. A month before launch, we share and discuss feedback from fans about their hopes and fears about the next Star Trek series.


 2017-08-25  55m

episode 7: Blank Space

The Evolution of Television. We look at how Star Trek was used to promote color TV, how consumption habits have changed over the past half century, and why Trek on a streaming service shouldn't be a surprise.


 2017-08-18  1h14m

episode 6: Give Me All Your Star Trek

Past Premieres. We look back at the launch of TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise and discuss how the lead-ups compare to Discovery.


 2017-08-11  1h25m

5: Disco Day

An STLV 2017 Discovery. In this special episode recorded live at Star Trek Las Vegas, we break down all the news from the four Star Trek: Discovery panels that were held on the first day of the convention.


 2017-08-04  1h9m

4: Con Discoveries

San Diego Comic-Con. We discuss the gallery of props and costumes, the panel, and the trailer that was revealed at the con, plus Michael Burnham’s backstory and more.


 2017-07-28  1h15m

3: Creative Discovery

Behind the scenes of cast and crew. We're joined by two guests—Sarah Buck and Brandi Jackola—to discuss the cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery, their creative work, and what they might bring to the franchise.


 2017-07-19  1h11m

2: Muddy Logic

Harry Mudd and Sarek. Larry Nemecek joins us to discuss the inclusion of two of TOS’s most famous characters on Star Trek: Discovery, and how the writers might use them.


 2017-07-19  1h5m

1: Chapters in a Book

Meet the hosts. In the premiere episode of The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast, hosts Aaron Harvey, Brandon-Shea Mutala, Amy Nelson, and Mike Schindler introduce themselves and discuss what you can expect from the show.


 2017-07-19  1h2m