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episode 245: Genein Letford: How to Connect, Create and Innovate Across Cultural Lines

How do you view Culture? Have you taken stock of your personal biases and your outlook on issues relating to cultural diversity recently? I’m excited to share this episode as Genein Letford breaks down, “How to Connect,



episode 244: Christina Jandali: How to Get Paying Clients with Facebook Groups

Have you ever thought about how a Facebook Community could positively affect your business? Self-made millionaire and Confidence Coach Christina Jandali is here to share with us ‘How to Get Paying Clients with Facebook Groups.’ -  



episode 243: Tracee Hunt: Learning To Lead Your Team Towards Success

Have you ever thought how you could turn your trauma into triumph? Tracee Hunt did it and she is here to share her story and tell you how you can do as you “Learn to Lead Your Team Towards Success.” Here are three reasons why you should listen to the ...



episode 242: Teresa Heath-Wareing: Turning Entrepreneurial Failures into Success

Have you experienced failure? I guarantee you are not alone but, there is always a way to make a comeback, and today’s guest Teresa Heath Wareing is going to share with us some tips on “Turning Entrepreneurial Failures into Success.” 



episode 241: Shayla Byd-Gill: High-Ticket Business Model Myths

Have you ever thought about offering a High- Ticket Business service? What is stopping you? This week's guest can help you overcome whatever fears you might be having surrounding this decision as we discuss High-Ticket Business Model Myths with Shayla ...


 2021-10-26  23m

episode 240: Tami Simon: Inner Skills in the Post-Pandemic Economy

Sounds True is one of the world's leading wisdom-based multimedia companies whose mission is to wake up the world. They publish groundbreaking authors and teachers with topics ranging from mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology, trauma therapy,


 2021-10-19  25m

episode 239: Dave Menz: From Poverty to Prospering with Millions

In this episode, we are joined by Dave “Laundromat Millionaire” Menz sharing how his humble beginnings did not stop him from being successful as we discuss the topic from Poverty to Prospering. Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full ...


 2021-10-12  28m

episode 238: Donna Serdula: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile To Increase Visibility & Boost Your Sales

What does your digital introduction say about you? In this episode, we are joined by Donna Serdula as we discuss “Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile To Increase Visibility & Boost Your Sales.” Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full epi...


 2021-10-05  27m

episode 237: Les Brown: If You Can Look Up, You Can Get Up

The adversities of life are inevitable, and one person who knows about this is Les Brown. However, he has never allowed the trials to get the better of him. He has allowed them to fuel him as he became one of the world’s most renowned motivational spea...


 2021-09-28  36m

episode 236: Mia Hewett: The Secret to Being Unapologetically You

Do you know exactly who you are? Could you be standing in your own way of being great? Our guest in this episode helps entrepreneurs around the world from sabotaging their results and freeing them to be themselves to make six and seven-figure leaps in ...


 2021-09-21  30m