The Ex-Worker

Welcome to the Ex-Worker: an audio strike against a monotone world! This twice-monthly podcast explores a wide range of anarchist ideas and action. In each episode, we take an in-depth look at a different topic, introducing various manifestations of the struggle for liberation, and round it off with news, reviews, profiles of current anarchist projects, upcoming events, and more. If you're curious about anarchist visions of freedom—or if you dream of a world off the clock—tune in!



      The Hotwire #27: Legal victory for the Tarnac 9—calls for May Day actions—Vive la ZAD!

      It’s been a week of battle at La ZAD, and we share a day-to-day play-by-play of the resistance to the government’s eviction operation. Elsewhere in France, the Tarnac Nine’s legal victory shows that with a little luck and courage, we can beat...



      The Hotwire #26: La ZAD resists eviction—direct action against pipelines & police academy—#Douma

      As we go to press, hundreds of squatters and eco-rebels are battling against cops at La ZAD in France. We interview someone there, as well as a participant in The Syrian Revolution about the no-state-solution to the Syrian government’s ongoing...



      The Hotwire #25: Kentucky & Oklahoma teachers strike—anniversary of MLK’s death—report on Gaza

      As we go to press, anti-police protests are ongoing over the police killing of Stephon Clark, students at Howard University in DC are still occupying the recently re-named Kwame Ture Student Center, and teachers in Kentucky and Oklahoma are on...



      The Hotwire #24: Sacramento against killer cops—#DefendAfrin actions—Anti-G7 mobilizing in Quebec

      As we go to press, protests in Sacramento and beyond are ongoing over the police murder of Stephon Clark. We interview an anarchist sex worker about the new FOSTA-SESTA bill and its impact on sex workers’ safety and organizing. We also feature an...



      The Hotwire #23: Historic school walkouts—Alt-right unravels—Solidarity with anarchists in Russia

      Hundreds of thousands of high school students defy adult authority and walkout against mass shootings; anti-pipeline camps hold strong from Virginia to West Virginia to so-called British Columbia; we interview an anarchist in Brazil as protests ...


       2018-03-21  39m

      The Hotwire #22: Int’l Women’s Day actions—#DefendAfrin solidarity—WV teachers’ strike ends

      This episode we bring you two roundups: one for women’s strike actions on International Women’s Day, and another for #DefendAfrin actions across Europe. We also share a call for and international day of solidarity to #DefendAfrin on March 24....


       2018-03-14  36m

      The Hotwire #21: Lansing protests fascists—teachers’ strike grows & spreads—3 cheers for anarchy

      This episode we bring you two interviews. The first is an on-the-ground report from the days of anti-fascist action against Richard Spencer’s visit to Detroit and Lansing, with a plea for bail funds to help arrested anti-fascists. Next, we...


       2018-03-07  37m

      The Hotwire #20: West Virginia teachers strike—Student walkouts everywhere—Youth liberation NOW!

      While students walk out of classes all over the country (and occasionally fight cops) we make the pitch for an anarchist youth liberation movement. In wild, wonderful, and apparently rebellious West Virginia, striking school employees have shut...


       2018-02-28  33m

      The Hotwire #19: Florida School Shooting & Gun Control—Koreatown Against ICE Raids—TN Antifascism

      This episode is packed to the gills with news! There is antifa activity in Tennessee and folks in the Northwest continue to hold it down against the fascist creep. Solidarity for Afrin spreads and an inspiring model to fight ICE raids emerges out...


       2018-02-22  36m

      The Hotwire #18: Toxic Waste in STL—Labor Struggles in the Techno Age—A Rant on Love

      The second episode of our second season! There is antifa activity in Olympia, Athens, and Seattle. Vaneesa Hopson died while in the custody of Olympia police and we report on the death and the subsequent protests.. There are strikes by delivery...


       2018-02-14  34m