The Ex-Worker

Welcome to the Ex-Worker: an audio strike against a monotone world! This twice-monthly podcast explores a wide range of anarchist ideas and action. In each episode, we take an in-depth look at a different topic, introducing various manifestations of the struggle for liberation, and round it off with news, reviews, profiles of current anarchist projects, upcoming events, and more. If you're curious about anarchist visions of freedom—or if you dream of a world off the clock—tune in!



      The Hotwire #41: Proud Boys assaults—Hurricane Michael autonomous relief—squats and rent strikes

      Our features for this Hotwire are interviews about the Proud Boys attacks in New York City and Portland, Oregon, and we have an interview about autonomous relief after Hurricane Michael, which is also seeing organizing from neo-confederate fascists....



      The Hotwire #40: Van Dyke verdict—Banksy—Gritty—Bolsonaro—anti-Columbus roundup

      An anarchist from Brazil fills us in on Bolsonaro, where he came from, and the dangers his presidency poses to social movements. We talk about how it’s not just killer cop Van Dyke in Chicago, or sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme...



      The Hotwire #39: Brett Kavanaugh—Killer cops in PDX—words from arrested Hambach forest defenders

      Alanis is back! And she reads our feature this episode, an audio version of the recent CrimethInc. text Kavanaugh Shouldn’t Be on the Supreme Court. Neither Should Anyone Else. We also interview an anarchist in Portland, Oregon about the...



      The Hotwire #38: An anarchist in #OperationAirDrop—Portland anti-cop occupations—IRPGF dissolves

      Our feature this episode is an interview with an anarchist involved in one of the more spectacular autonomous relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Florence—Operation Airdrop. We follow it up with some discussion about the role of anarchist...



      The Hotwire #37: Evictions in Hambach—Aid & Disaster Relief after Florence—Strikes!

      The world is a dangerous place in 2018-Botham Jean is murdered in his own home by a Dallas cop and police are actively raiding the rebel encampment in the Hambach Forest. There’s inspiring strike resistance in Central and South America where ...


       2018-09-19  41m

      The Hotwire #36: #PrisonStrike ends—bring back anti-nationalism—economic crisis in Argentina

      It’s 17 years and a day after 9/11 and Iraq is still in shambles, so we rip apart liberals for thinking George W. Bush is somehow “cute”. 2001 pops up again when we compare the current economic crisis in Argentina to the wave of worker-led...


       2018-09-12  32m

      The Hotwire #35: Trans Mountain pipeline paused—Chemnitz: antifa block Nazis—fuck a school board

      In this Hotwire we bring you two interviews: one from an anarchist organizer involved in indigenous-led anti-pipeline struggles in Canada about the recent announcement that construction will be halted on the Trans Mountain Pipeline; and we speak with...


       2018-09-05  42m

      The Hotwire #34: #PrisonStrike update—Nazis mobilize in Germany—Riotization of protest interview

      This week, you will hear about an anti-Nazi picnic in Avalon, PA, some brief analysis about the Nazi mob in Chemnitz, Germany and about some folks pushing back against the Pope’s visit in Ireland]. We interview Michael Loadenthal, a social...


       2018-08-29  36m

      The Hotwire #33: #PrisonStrike kicks off—racist statue toppled in NC—alt-right get self-doxxed

      This week, you will hear updates from the Stony Creek tenant strike in Canada, some creative anti-ICE actions, and about some humorous and some of the alt-right’s recent losses. We interview Maya Little about the recent toppling of a confederate...


       2018-08-23  45m

      The Hotwire #32: Summer in Review—Antifascists in Charlottesville & DC—2018 Prison Strike

      Our first episode of the new season! This week, we look back at the long, hot summer and give an update on antifascist clashes, pipeline resistance, and ICE occupations. Hundreds gathered in Charlottesville on the anniversary of the defeat of Unite...


       2018-08-15  47m