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episode 167: The Art of Prosperity: Go One Pound At A Time

In this week's episode, Sammy & Don pull the microphones close to tackle a trio of topics concerning money such as:

-What are the highest-paying 9-5 jobs?

- The value of education?

- And the magic of mastering the basics.

Join us as we talk as normal men trying to balance 9-5 jobs, aspirations for the future and money management

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episode 166: Discussing Ruby Franke: The Most Despicable Mum On YouTube

 Trigger Warning: This episode contains discussions of child abuse. Listener discretion is advised.

In this episode, Sammy & Don explore the shocking Ruby Franke arrest.

You've heard about the YouTube sensation and mommy vlogger, Ruby Franke, but do you know the chilling truth behind the headlines?

Join us as we explore the events that led up to her arrest...



episode 165: Discussing Toxic Masculinity: Exploring Its Impact on Society and Relationships

In this  podcast episode, Sammy and Don embark on a discussion of toxic masculinity and its far-reaching effects on individuals, relationships, and society as a whole.

Join us as we engage in a candid conversation about toxic masculinity, it's existence and whether there are any harms or benefits to it...



episode 165: How To Keep Your Relationship Balanced In A Crazy World

In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Sammy & Don delve into the art of maintaining balance while nurturing a strong bond in couples.

Discover the secrets to fostering thriving relationships that empower each partner while cultivating a deep and meaningful connection.

Tune in to gain valuable insights that will help you navigate the dynamic interplay of personal growth and shared experiences in your own relationship journey...


 2023-08-27  23m

episode 165: Love Languages: CRACK The Code For Stronger Relationships

In this podcast episode Sammy & Don dive into the hottest new relationship concept, love languages.

What are they, how useful can they be and where do they fall down?

Whether you're seeking to rekindle the flame in a long-term partnership or enhance your connections with family and friends, this episode provides a fun insight into love languages and relationships...


 2023-08-20  21m

episode 164: Don't You Feel SHAME Frustrated Wife Bares All To Reddit

Sammy & Don read a Reddit post from a frustrated wife and talk about the implications for the marriage.

In This Episode:

1. A Reddit Wife Discloses She Is Unsatisfied
2. People Change
3. Is She Wrong For Posting?

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 2023-08-13  28m

episode 163: Bodies On Bodies: An HONEST Conversation About Body Count

After seeing a Twitter debate around body count Sammy & Don fire up the mics to speak on this contentious subject.

In This Episode:

1. The Countries With The Highest Body Counts
2. Destroying Myths
3. Stats About Body Count Average

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 2023-07-16  44m

episode 162: 10 Life Changing Lessons Your Dad SHOULD Have Taught You

Sammy & Don sit down to have a discussion about 10 important lessons all dads should teach to their children.

In This Episode:

1. Money Management
2. Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness
3. Having THAT conversation

Article on sex ed preventing intercourse:

Long Version:


 2023-07-09  34m

episode 161: What Women REALLY Think About Sex

After reading a Vice Article about the experiences of women and their attitudes to casual sex, your two favourite brothers sit down to talk about it!

Read The Full Article Here:

In This Episode:

1. Is Promiscuity A Net Positive Or A Net Negative?
2. Having Standards If You Want Standards


 2023-07-02  1h10m

episode 161: Family Dilemma Does Money Totally DESTROY Kids?

Sammy and Don are back to discuss whether parents giving their children large sums is a corrupting force.

In This Episode:

1. Does Money Corrupt Children?
2. Should Your Children Be Put Through Hardship?
3. Should Parents Give Large Sums Of Money To Their Children?

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 2023-06-18  35m