The Fighter & The Kid

The Fighter & The Kid is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian and former professional UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. Each week, Brendan is joined in the studio with a guest co host. TFATK is uncut and unedited, and sometimes it's just ridiculous.

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Ep. 851: Brendan & Bryan Agree Nick Bosa’s Girlfriend Is The Luckiest Woman Alive

The boys talk about Bryan’s “best of” shoot with world’s strongest man Brian Shaw and explore the question of whether or not he’s proportional “everywhere,” debate which men's sport yields  athletes with the hottest bodies and in the process discover how hot Nick Bosa’s girlfriend is, then discuss why she’s the luckiest girl in the world to be with her man, Bryan reveals that his mom was a total hottie back in the day and Brendan questions whether or not she’s actually Nancy Pelosi, and look...



Ep. 850: John Crist Explains Why Brendan and Bryan Aren’t Getting Into Heaven

Standup comedian John Crist stops by to discuss his strict upbringing, the insane pace of his first year in comedy, getting cancelled and going to rehab, how meaningful it was when people stood by him during dark times, what the rules of good behavior are for a comic who performs in churches, etiquette for selfies with other comics, and why it’s already too late for Brendan and Bryan to repent.

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Ep. 849: Brendan & Bryan React to Liver King Getting Exposed

The boys talk the true cost of owning Bugatti’s, how Brendan treats his sports cars that makes him unusual, the US Men’s Soccer team defeating Iran in the World Cup, Jake Paul's call out of Paddy Pimblett and Paddy's apparent willingness to spar with Jake, then they do a deep dive on Derek from More Plates More Date’s doing an hour long video exposing email correspondence between Liver King and an anonymous bodybuilding coach detailing his alleged cycle use despite his previous emphatic...



Ep. 848: Brendan Schaub responds to Alex Pereira's call out: "50k? I'm in"

The boys react to Alex Pereira calling out Brendan for a 50k bet on a potential fight with Khamzat Chimaev in response to Brendan saying the Chechen-Swede would make easy work of the Brazilian, before discussing Bryan’s recent discovery of the aerodyne bike and Brendan argues it can’t hold a candle to Jacob’s Ladder, Bryan raves so hard about Carlos Gaytán (the first Mexican chef to get a Michelin star), that they decide to move to Mexico City and keep the podcast going from there, how to...



Ep. 847: Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen Are Officially Boycotting Balenciaga

The boys talk why Judo is an inferior martial art compared to wrestling, discuss Frankie Edgar's upcoming visit to Thicccboy studios and the possibility of having him on as a guest, Brendan checks Bryan for asking a disrespectful question about the Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski fight, how things got a little spicy on Bill Maher's recent appearance on Bill Burr's podcast, the time Bill Burr stuck up for Brendan in the green room before roasting him, Tampax's controversial new ad...



Ep. 846: Bryan Callen Puts On Another Grappling Clinic For His Pupil Brendan Schaub

Bryan and Brendan talk their respective weekends performing in Dallas and Milwaukee before getting into Bryan’s run in with a trained attack dog, how to beat the Dagestani’s in grappling with good old blue collar American technique, the controversy over the new strict guidelines for spectators at the World Cup in Qatar, Bryan’s facade of alcohol abstinence for his children, Brendan’s return to Sunday drinking for the new season of Yellowstone, Kanye’s decision to adorn his Malibu home with...



Ep. 845: Bryan Callen tells Brendan Schaub to PAY UP DADDY

Brendan and Bryan recap their respective weekends in Charlotte and Houston before getting into the big UFC card over the weekend and figuring out exactly how much Brendan owes Bryan in the aftermath of his prophetic main card picks. They break down the fights and what Bryan would do if he was Michael Chandler’s coach, discuss Izzy’s cryptic reference to potential health issues he’s enduring, and pay tribute to Anthony “Rumble” Johnson who passed away over the weekend...



Ep. 844: Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub start a Civil War over Abe Lincoln’s “Southern Trespass”

The boys discuss what happened in the midterm elections and why they think the Red Wave all the experts predicted didn’t quite make it to shore, what they think will happen with the 2024 election, and why Dr Oz couldn’t relate to the people of Pennsylvania...



Ep. 843: Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen get heated about UFC 281

The boys recap Bryan’s joyous wedding celebration and Brendan’s trip to San Antonio before discussing Jimmy Kimmel dissing Elon Musk over his Paul Pelosi tweet, the latest hot takes from GOP OG Newt Gingrich, the vast differences in parenting styles between generations, Brendan’s audience dress code for his standup shows, why Bryan believes shoe selection is the key to nailing an acting role, and things get heated when Brendan forces Bryan to make picks amongst their mutual...


 2022-11-08  1h22m

Ep. 842

The boys talk Kanye, Bryan's wedding party, current events and much more!

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 2022-11-02  1h15m