The Fighter & The Kid

The Fighter & The Kid is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian and former professional UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. Each week, Brendan is joined in the studio with a guest co host. TFATK is uncut and unedited, and sometimes it's just ridiculous.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h38m. Bisher sind 745 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint alle 2 Tage.

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Ep. 751: Buttery Bros

Fitness YouTuber's and filmmakers "Buttery Bros" join Brendan and Bryan to talk nutrition, their history with CrossFit, Heber's Mormon background and how that affects his diet and fitness lifestyle, top female and male CrossFitter's, competition and injuries, supplements, steroids and drug testing in CrossFit, Kpop's Nazi problem, a baby giraffe's miracle last stand after being attacked by a lion and much more! See for privacy information.



Ep. 750

The guys recap their Thanksgiving's and talk Brendan and Shapel visiting Kurt Cobain's house in Seattle, all new travel bans, Kevin Harts' new show with Wesley Snipes, the sad passing of Virgil Abloh, Seth Rogen's online beef with Casey Neistat, Triller Triad fight event and Kubrat Pulev's standing KO of Frank Mir, Mr. Beast's incredible recreation of Squid Game, another Vin Diesel video and much more! See for privacy information.



Ep. 749: God is Good

The guys pressure Bryan to get TRT and a hair transplant, and talk plastic surgery, Brendan's potential cheek fat removal, Stevie Blue Eyes refusing to work out without mirrors, Kyle Kuzma getting roasted for his crazy sweater, a crazy fan tackling Seth Rollins, Biden messing up a teleprompter read and much more! See for privacy information.



Ep. 748

The guys show concern for Bryan's weight loss and talk Chris D'Elia getting a neck tattoo, the beginning days of TFATK, a fight breaking out at one of Bryan's shows, Joe Rogan's Gunther Porsche, Sam Tripoli and Jay Schaub stories, Lebron James punching Isaiah Stewart, Shapel's JoJo crush and much more! See for privacy information.



Ep. 747: Oldschool

The guys share cop stories, Brendan's security staircase idea, comedy club riders, whiskey's, the gang's Thanksgiving plans, ageless Jared Leto, Bryan's son starting fires, Brendan's look back at releasing his first special, Kanye West and Drake squashing their beef, YouTube removing dislikes and much more! See for privacy information.



Ep. 746

The guys watch twerking vids and talk samurai's, Bryan's trip to Naples, JFK conspiracies, Brendan breaking baseball bat, an update on Bryan's Metaverse comedy club, Brendan and Bryan's fascination with Elizabeth Hurley's son Damien Hurley and much more! See for privacy information.



Ep. 745

The guys talk shoes, Bryan's "Meta Comedy Club" pitch, the Aaron Rodgers and Travis Scott controversies, Joe Biden's long farts, skydivers almost hit by a stalled plane, Jeff Bezos's response to the viral video of his girl swooning over Leonardo DiCaprio, Squid Game confirmed for a season 2 and much more! See for privacy information.



Ep. 744

The guys roast each others shoes, recap the most recent Calabasas Fight Companion and talk Doja Cat, trusting people, the Travs Scott Astroworld tragedy, UFC 268 and Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant, Mr. Beast building a Squid Game set and much more! See for privacy information.



UFC 268 & Canelo vs Plant Calabasas Fight Companion #5

Brendan Schaub is joined by Josh Thomson, Bryan Callen and Chris D'Elia to watch UFC 268 & Canelo vs Plant. See for privacy information.



Ep. 743: Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapaport is back and makes Bryan follow him on Instagram. The guys talk haters, how Rap got his ear bitten off during a street fight and how he's the one who created the Fighter and the Kid "Guest Of The Year" awards, the Squid Game creator clapping back at Lebron James, a woman who breastfeeds her fiance', a Taiwanese math teacher using Pornhub to teach math and much more! See for privacy information.