The Film Obsessed Couple Podcast

Scott and Shelley use their witty banter to share their difference of opinions with movies.

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episode 35: Morbius

It’s Morbin Time! We take an emergency break from crime themed movie month to watch the crime of a movie, Morbius! Hear Scott go over why Jared Leto creeps him out, Shelley trying to make sense of the madness of the multiple universes in the MCU, and as ...



episode 34: Heat 1995

This is one movie Scott and Shelley both agree is the best movie ever made. Listen as we talk about the cinematography of the film, how Pacino and DeNiro share the same dedication to what they do, and Scott shares a little bit about the book Heat 2.   Th...



episode 33: Estelle Getty

Celebrity spotlight #3, our favorite one yet! Join us as we talk about Estelle Getty who may have been short-statured but ferocious at pursuing her acting dream. Estelle did wonderful work in the gay community at the beginning of the AIDS crisis and was ...



episode 32: Little Monsters

Little Monsters is Shelley's favorite childhood movie! FYI, this is not a movie children should watch. Shelley talks a little about her crazy childhood and how this movie helped her get through some of the tough times. Thank you so much for listening. Cl...


 2022-08-29  1h27m

episode 31: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Hi Friends! August is our favorite childhood movie month. Scott is first up with his favorite, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Listen as Scott reminisces about his childhood memories and explains what item in his house he used to pretend to be a TMNT. Shel...


 2022-08-15  1h42m

episode 30: Celebrity Spotlight #2 Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur didn't start her life out pursuing acting, but it was her passion and she went for it. She is best known for her role as Maude in Maude and Dorothy in the Golden Girls. Listen to this episode to find out all about Bea Arthur from the time she ...


 2022-08-01  59m

episode 29: Jolt, prepare to be shocked!

Hey Friends! Wow, we have an exciting episode for you talking about the movie Jolt. Kate Beckinsale plays a woman with a rare neurological disorder that causes her body to produce large amounts of cortisol. All this cortisol makes her do some crazy shit ...


 2022-07-25  1h23m

episode 28: Top Gun 1986

We feel the need, the need for speed! We re-watched this movie to prepare for the Top Gun Maverick movie that came to theatres recently and thought why not do a podcast about it. Scott does an amazing job of guiding us through this movie with his imperso...


 2022-07-11  1h24m

episode 27: Celebrity Spotlight Episode #1: Lucille Ball

Join us as we talk about the actress and comedian, Lucille Ball and her road to fame. Lucille is best known in the show, I Love Lucy, with her husband Desi Arnaz. They were dynamite on TV but their real-life had some difficulties. We will also discuss Lu...


 2022-07-04  1h16m

episode 26: Drag Me to Hell

Join us as we talk about getting cursed and drug to hell while laughing. Gotta love comedy horror movies, especially when they are directed by Sam Raimi. The famous yellow Oldsmobile is in this movie but no Bruce Campbell, he was busy that day.  Thank yo...


 2022-06-27  1h18m