The Flop House

The Flop House is a bi-monthly audio podcast, devoted to the worst in recent film. Your hosts (Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington) watch a questionable film just before each episode, and then engage in an unscripted, slightly inebriated discussion, focusing on the movie's shortcomings and occasional delights.

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The Flop House Movie Minute #6 - Con Men

What are the odds that three male podcasters are also comics nerds?


 2008-05-11  10m

The Flop House: Episode #15 - D-Wars: Dragon Wars

The history of Dragon Wars is written by the victors.


 2008-05-04  43m

The Flop House Movie Minute #5 - Moral Lessons

Spiders! Everyone's covered in spiders!


 2008-04-27  3m

The Flop House Movie Minute #3 - Coming Attractions

A Flop House favorite gets the sequel trailer it deserves.


 2008-04-05  3m

The Flop House: Episode Thirteen - The Invasion

Even Nicole Kidman's sweater can't save The Invasion


 2008-03-31  58m

The Flop House Movie Minute #2 - A Beckinsale Tale

Noted raconteur Stuart Wellington describes his encounter with noted werewolf-hunter Kate Beckinsale.


 2008-03-23  3m

The Flop House: Episode Twelve - Awake

A twofer of Flop-worthy actors star in the "thriller" Awake. Also, new microphones!


 2008-03-16  56m

The Flop House Movie Minute #1

The first of our all-new short supplementary episodes covers some of the ground lost from our Awards Floptacular.


 2008-03-09  3m

The Flop House: Episode Eleven - Awards Floptacular

We land someone who's actually worked on the Academy Awards for our discussion of the Oscars and Razzies.


 2008-03-07  47m

The Flop House: Episode Ten - Good Luck Chuck

How much Chuck could a Good Luck Chuck, if a good luck could Chuck good?


 2008-02-25  55m