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Sailing by the stars: The pioneering voyages of David Lewis

One man's intrepid quest to revive ancient navigation


 2021-08-12  39m

Inside the mind of crime writer Patricia Highsmith

A 20th century master of the psychological thriller


 2021-08-05  42m

Ibn Sina: The Persian polymath

Best known for his Canon of Medicine, Avicenna helped shape modern science


 2021-08-02  26m

The Panama Canal: The real story behind the engineering triumph

The Canal that joined up the Atlantic and Pacific oceans but how did it impact Panama?


 2021-07-29  39m

Ida Pfeiffer: 19th Century globetrotter

The eccentric traveller and collector who circumnavigated the globe twice


 2021-07-22  39m

Rain or shine? A short history of the weather forecast

A century and a half of scientific meteorology


 2021-07-15  39m

Emile Berliner, inventor of the gramophone

How mass-produced audio discs transformed our sound world


 2021-07-08  40m

Tracing the roots of ancient trees

What can we learn from the oldest trees on earth?


 2021-07-01  39m

The Wizard of Oz: A homegrown American fairy tale

The magical story of Dorothy, a plucky American heroine who follows the yellow brick road


 2021-06-24  39m

Falconry: The history of hunting with birds of prey

From nomads to nobles, the working relationship between humans and raptors


 2021-06-17  39m