The Freelancers' Show

Weekly discussion by freelancers and professionals about running a business, finding clients, marketing, and lifestyle related to being a freelancer.

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TFS 370: Staying Relevant on Social Media with Italina Kirknis

Italina Kirknis has been running a social media management company for the last 8 years. She talks to the panel about how to frame the conversation, how to be vulnerable, and how to increase your reach and stay relevant on social media...


 2020-06-09  53m

TFS 369: Marketing for Freelancers with Tess Ball

Tess Ball is an expert in marketing for small businesses. She walks the panel through doing content, social media, and other types of marketing and how to build relationships that will ultimately lead to business...


 2020-06-02  58m

TFS 368: How to do Personalized & Relevant Ecommerce Marketing with Rytis Lauris

Rytis Lauris joins the panelists of The Freelancers Show to discuss the use of automation tools that can personalize your contact with visitors on your website...


 2020-05-26  1h7m

TFS 367: Bookkeeping and Finances with Paul Kogan

Paul Kogan from LessAccounting joins the Freelancers' Show panel this week to discuss bookkeeping and finances. They discuss bookkeeping, hiring a bookkeeper, what to look for in your finances, taxes, and much more.....


 2020-05-19  1h8m

TFS 366: How to Go Freelance when You've Been Laid Off with Scott Jones

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020May 13th to 15th - register now!

Scott Jones is the author of The Free Agent Mindset. He talks us through building a list of your skills and building a brand to find clients if you've been laid off and decide to go freelance. We also go into other strategies behind building up your new freelance practice...


 2020-05-12  50m

TFS 365: Making vs Marketing – Where is Your Freelance Time Spent?

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020May 13th to 15th - register now!

The panelists discuss different business approaches for freelancing, and how moving from a model where most of your time is spent implementing for clients into a model where most of your time is spent marketing your business has pros and cons and unexpected challenges...


 2020-04-28  50m

TFS 364: Working From Home

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020May 13th to 15th - register now!

Petra, Joel, and Charles talk about how to get started with and succeed at working from home. All three are veterans of working from home and explain the things that will help you make it work and the things that will make it hard...


 2020-04-28  n/a

TFS 363: What Do You Do in an Unexpected Downturn

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020May 13th to 15th - register now!

Petra starts us out talking about some of the clients she has that have needed to pause their work with her. The panel brainstorms on ideas that for dealing with unexpected slowdowns as Petra discusses her approaches to things showing down...


 2020-04-21  43m

TFS 362: Healthcare Hacks with Scott Heiser

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020 May 13th to 15th - register now!

Scott Heiser joins the panel to talk about healthcare hacks for freelancers. We start out joking about the COVID-19 quarantine situation. Healthcare and health insurance turns out to be a major headache for freelancers because it's usually tied to employment. ObamaCare got mentioned and discussed. Petra chimes in with the situation in Australia...


 2020-04-14  50m

TFS 361: Moving in and out of Freelancing with Will Bunker

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020May 14th to 15th - register now!

This week's guest of The Freelancers' Show, Will Bunker has had a long career in programming and has moved several times between freelancing and full time work. We discuss how he finds clients, his strategy for getting referrals, and how he spots what the next 5-7 year wave of popular technology will be and how he prepares for it...


 2020-04-07  53m