The Fully Charged PLUS Podcast

Filled with interesting stories, almost breaking news, a pinch of wit and a dash of banter. A few guests who actually know what is going on in the world of EVs, renewable energy and sustainability.

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Electric Motors, What’s Actually Inside Them?

In this episode Robert and James discuss all things to do with Electric Motors, what’s inside them, common misunderstandings and overall sustainability. James is CEO and founder of Advanced Electrical Machines, a North East based company which...



Kids CAN change the world - FC Outside Panel

Maddie Moate hosts a Fully Charged LIVE session showing what young people can do to change the world. With Charlotte Smith, Pia and Lotte Cleevely and Daveena Saranna    Charlotte Smith - EV Thank You Pia and Lotte Cleevely - The EV twins...



Future Energy Musings with Jan Rosenow

In this episode Robert talks to Jan Rosenow, Director, European Programmes at Regulatory Assistance Project. They muse about future battery tech, renewables and how they are being built into the every day of energy as well as other things   There...



Insane Gas Prices, Toyota lagging behind and congestion woes

In this episode Robert goes solo, and talks about his astonishment with gas prices and limited availability across the UK. How Toyota, once a shining becon within the EV space, is now struggling, but can they catchup and Robert cannot do traffic...



CCS and blue hydrogen with Ketan Joshi

In this episode Robert and Ketan talk about Diesel shaming, blue Hydrogen, CCS and extinction rebellion.   There are four reasons to go to  .  Fully Charged Live tickets, local and International event tickets are available there. If...


 2021-09-13  1h2m

The speed of the “eco-shift” in corporate mentality

In this episode Robert talks to Business Greens James Murray, about the scale of corporate change in eco-credentials and how enormous it now is.   Sign up for James’s Net Zero Festival:    There are four reasons to go to ...


 2021-09-01  50m

Hydrogen is(n’t) the future with Adam Vaughan

In this episode Robert talks to Adam Vaughan, Chief reporter for    They talk about carbon capture storage devices, how hydrogen could be used in the future. Current and potential energy distribution networks and techniques and will humans...


 2021-08-23  58m

Electric vehicles - Adaption and adoption from OEM’s to the public

In this episode Robert talks to Mike Potter, CEO of DriveElectric.  They talk about vehicle to grid, how EV’s are being adopted fast, how to adapt your circumstances to get the best out of the experience and lots, lots more.   There are...


 2021-08-16  1h2m

The built environment and a suitable future with Maria Smith

In this episode Helen talks with Maria Smith architect, engineer and director of sustainability and physics at Buro Happold. They discuss the built environment and suitable options for the future, The carbon emissions of creating and installing...


 2021-08-09  54m

Worldly musings with the two old gits

In this episode of two old gits. Robert talks about the war, Roger talks about milk, Robert talks about Tesla's charging network and Roger gets all emotional and sweary.   There are four reasons to go to  .  Fully Charged Live tickets,...


 2021-08-02  1h9m