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Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf, Scrapheap Challenge) hosts a podcast all about sustainability, eco-news and interesting interviews. Filled with interesting stories, almost breaking news, a pinch of wit and a dash of banter. A few guests who actually know what is going on in the world of EVs, renewable energy and sustainability.

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How Clean is Hydrogen, Actually? With Prof. David Cebon

Professor David Cebon has authored or co-authored more than 200 peer-reviewed papers on dynamic loads of heavy vehicles, road and bridge response and damage, asphalt micromechanics, weigh-in-motion, advanced suspension design, safety, productivity and...



Fusion, Whale Earwax and Flat Earth? With Helen Czerski

Helen Czerski is a British physicist and oceanographer and is a presenter on the Fully Charged Show. She has presented documentaries on a wide range of incredible subjects for both FC and the BBC. She is passionate about conveying the beauty and...



Raging Robert's Remarkable Rant!

After the amazing experience that was Fully Charged Live San Diego, Robert records a rant fueled solo podcast in his hotel room from across the pond. Robert talks about dams in British Columbia the Canadian show next year, ridiculous fracking the UK...



Vehicle to Grid with Electric School Buses? With Jeni Reynolds

Jeni is the Director of Clean Transportation at San Diego Gas & Electric where she is responsible for developing, advocating and leading innovative program design and implementation in order to advance clean transportation as it supports California's...



The Story Behind a ‘Rapid’ Rollout with Robert Barrosa

Electrify America is installing more rapid chargers across the United States than you can poke a stick at. They currently have over 800 charging stations with around 3,500 individual chargers from 150 kW up to 350 kW. They are currently installing 4...


 2022-09-05  59m

The Electrified States of America

Robert is joined by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield from Youtube channel, Transport Evolved.  Her knowledge of the US EV market is exceptional. Robert and Nikki talk about the EV’s that are currently available, and the trials and tribulations the...


 2022-08-30  1h4m

What's The Next Game-Changing Technology? With Matt Ferrell

Matt Ferrell lives in the Boston area and is a UI/UX designer by trade, but has always been obsessed by technology and how it works. In 2018 he started his Youtube Channel, 'Undecided with Matt Ferrell' which boasts over 1 million subscribers and...


 2022-08-22  1h7m

Ford, Rivian & The Electric Hummer! With Ben Sullins

Ben Sullins is a Youtuber, EV Reviewer and host of the 'Free The Data' Podcast. Ben Has also presented on The Fully Charged Show and will be appearing at Fully Charged LIVE North America in San Diego on the 10th and 11th of September. 


 2022-08-15  1h27m

Are Tesla Just...Unbeatable? With Sandy Munro

In 1988, Sandy Munro started his own consultancy, Munro & Associates specializing in lean design and tearing down automotive products to study and suggest improvements and innovations. The company now performs electric vehicle benchmarking and...


 2022-08-08  1h2m

Green Energy and The Grid with Graeme Cooper

Graeme is a senior leader in energy, infrastructure and clean transport, with over two decades of working in the power, energy market and utility sectors including renewable energy. He has also appeared in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, BBC...


 2022-08-01  1h2m