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The Rise of Lonely, Single Men

17.08.22 Pt 2 - Since Alan Ford has stopped drinking, he's starting to experience the world differently. He also shares how he has subscribed to a few OnlyFans accounts. And is Simphiwe truly looking for love... or money?



Keeping up with the Hookers

17.08.22 Pt 1 - Alan Ford joins the show and gives us a general life update about losing his dad, the 3 hookers who are driving him mad, and getting his Instagram account hacked!



Why you Can't Focus

16.08.22 Pt 2 - Johann Hari has written a fascinating book about how we’re all more distracted than ever. It’s partly obvious - screens, technology, non-stop reels of news, pictures, videos and self-absorbed nonsense… but it’s also much more dangerous. It’s actually making us dumber too.



Days of our Mash

16.08.22 Pt 1 - When is the right time to announce a pregnancy? Mash tries being a supportive friend by subscribing to one of his friend's OnlyFans account, and now regrets it. And Lebang might never leave her house again after what she witnessed at a club recently!



The Power of Influence

15.08.22 Pt 2 - We’ve heard of birth doulas, but what about end-of-life doulas? It’s surprisingly the least depressing way to think about the end! Larry Soffer is a leading Mentalist in Africa, and he joins the show to share valuable insights and tips on how to survive and thrive during hard times… plus he plays a couple of games of influence with Gareth and Leigh-Ann.



Fake It ‘til you Make It

15.08.22 Pt 1 - Gareth tries to guess Leigh-Ann’s 3 mystery kitchen utensils and fails dismally! Ndavi Nokeri is the new Miss South Africa, and Dr Hanan Bushkin sheds some light on how to become more supportive.



Your Story Matters

12.08.22 Pt 2 - Remember The Ricki Lake Show? Gareth and Ben reminisce the hay days of eTV. Highly opinionated Dr. Jonathan Witt joins the show for a general catch-up and our favourite motoring expert George Mienie teaches how to drive in a roundabout!



Are Feelings Important?

12.08.22 Pt 1 - Have people replaced “I think…” with “I feel…”? Are feelings a result of past experiences or past thinking? Gareth and Ben have a candid conversation about feelings and people leading with their emotions.



Being Nervous about NGOs

11.08.22 Pt 2 - This week the executive director of The Helen Suzman Foundation, Nicole Fritz joins the team to discuss the latest political news that includes Bain being banned from the UK cabinet office, the basic income grant, and the Zimbabwe exemption permit termination.



53 hours without Water

11.08.22 Pt 1 - Phumi recently attended a tribal council and shares how it all works and how things have transformed yet are still the same as the years have gone by. Gareth and Phumi share their thoughts on the latest WhatsApp features and tips on how to survive without water for the people of Tshwane.