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Vladimir Benin

08.07.22 Pt 1 - Feeling a bit down? Gareth shares some words that might leave you somewhat motivated. The comment section gives Ben some interesting names that he could use when running for president.


 2022-07-08  59m

Is Being Black and Talented a Threat?

07.07.22 Pt 2 - Leeto Nthoba joins the show to talk about governance in South Africa, and whether this is the beginning of the end? The team also talks about the Enyobeni saga and who is to blame, and they discuss how Boris Johnson doesn’t have a good relationship with words.


 2022-07-07  57m

Not Enough Diversity

07.07.22 Pt 1 - Simphiwe might be sabotaging Phumi, according to Phumi’s rant at the start of the show. She also talks about her recent trip to KZN, and the work that she is up to. And Zim is to introduce gold coins as the local currency tumbles!


 2022-07-07  56m

Kellman on CliffCentral

06.07.22 Pt 2 - It’s a bit of a reunion as Arye Kellman, who used to host the afternoon show on CliffCentral - where Flax used to feature - joins the show to tell us what he has been up to, and what life has been like since starting his own business. And Gareth seems to be eager to join TikTok now!


 2022-07-06  49m

That Thrifting Life

06.07.22 Pt 1 - Michael Flax gives us an update on his life, including going on holiday soon, moving out of home and starting an online clothing business. And Cyril Ramaphosa tells Eskom to stop targeting townships with prolonged blackouts!


 2022-07-06  55m

The Life of an ER Doctor

05.07.22 Pt 2 - What do you do when a friend wants to borrow money? Is there a limit? Should you sign a contact? Dr Anne Biccard first appeared on the show in 2020, when she released her memoir, ‘Saving a Stranger’s Life: The Diary of an Emergency Room Doctor’. She now has a new book out, so we thought we would invite her back!


 2022-07-05  54m

Swingers Club

05.07.22 Pt 1 - Simphiwe has taken the leap and joined Tinder! JJ Cornish joins the team to talk about the latest African news, and a private high school in Johannesburg opens a R3 million eSports Arena.


 2022-07-05  56m

Fossilized Turds

04.07.22 Pt 2 - What would you do if you got paid 286 times your salary? There should be a way to measure whether or not a person is fit to be a parent, as there was a child that fell from the 5th floor at Mash’s complex. George Frandsen - who runs the Poozeum - joins the team to talk about his turd collection!


 2022-07-04  59m

Double Booking Dates

04.07.22 Pt 1 - Mash double-booked himself over the weekend with 2 dates, 30 minutes apart! Why do other people feel entitled to what you have when you become wealthy? Twitter was up in arms when they saw DJ Maphorisa with a bag worth R500k.


 2022-07-04  53m

Is Manchester the Brakpan of England?

01.07.22 Pt 2 - Gord Laws joins the show to share his recent visit to Manchester. He talks about how awful the experience was, and how dating apps are full of lame people all around the world. Our favourite motoring expert, George Mienie joins the show to give us the latest news from the world of cars.


 2022-07-01  56m